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I just installed a Patriot 64GB solid state drive as a replacement for my PC's C: drive. I cloned the HDD to the SSD.

I have 2 programs so far that will no longer start. Syncing.NET and Quickbooks 2009. I tried uninstall and reinstalling them. (The Syncing.NET error is (Input string was not in the correct format)

Any ideas? I disabled vitual memory and indexing services. I'm running Win XP Pro SP3.

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  1. Is the SSD the only replacement, or did you replace other hardware (like motherboard) too? In that case, you might be having driver problems or general instability; windows doesn't tolerate hardware changes easily.
  2. The SSD is the only replacement.
  3. Did you do a bit-level transfer (clone copy)? If that is the case there is no real apparant difference to applications which could cause them to respond differently to the SSD. In other words, it should not matter for the application if you are using an SSD or HDD, aside from the faster operation it shouldn't introduce any new bug. I would double check your findings, making sure that both disks are an identical copy. You can use linux-based utilities for that. A linux livecd like Ubuntu might be good for this purpose too.
  4. I created the clone again using a different utility and it now works.

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