Conflict between TV capture card and video card

I had an Fusion 5 Lite HDTV tuner card. This worked well with my FX5200 GeForce Video card.When I upgrade to a GeForce
7300GT video card, all components in my PC worked well except the Fusion HDTV tuner card. The error appeared as"OLE DB
generated errors when Microsoft created OLE DB. I don't think this is a fault of Microsoft, because the tuner worked well
until I changed the video card. The problem is what software has caused the tuner to stop working?
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  1. have you tried un-installing the tuner card, and re-installing it? It could just be that the files need to be loaded into the correct places again.
  2. Richard1935: I have tried uninstalling the tuner card and reinstalled it after 5 minutes, but the tuner still has the same problem (not working properly.
  3. I think thats a graphics card problem (not that the graphics card is bad) But i think there is a process that the graphics card is trying to achieve that it is not. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics card. Then update the driver software via NVidia's website.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I did as you said and I installed the latest version of NVIDIA 7300GT graphics card, but there was
    no result. When I try to run the Fusion HDTV program this HDTV Fusion stlll says"in FusionHDTV.exe, address 0045BB14 has error, read address 00000030". And I could not
    know how to open the FusionHDTV.exe to see it and how to correct it. Do you recommend me to reinstall the windows XP
    software to stabilize it?
  5. Try downloading ccleaner and running that program.

    then go to and download the free version of Advanced System Care and run the "Care" program and see if that doesnt help.
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