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Hey all,

I have a very weird problem with my internet that I've never experienced before. I'm decently savvy in computers and networking, but this is a problem I've never experienced before.

I have a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router (standard wireless-G linksys router). I have AT&T DSL. My desktop is connected via wire to the router, and I have two computers connected wirelessly. This has been the set-up for the past few years. Now, I've experienced my share of issues, usually solved by resetting the router or messing with the settings of the modem/router. This I cannot figure out (and neither can linksys technical support).

When the router is set-up, my desktop plugged into it, and it into the modem (obviously), I can only access the internet some of the time. I may have internet for 30 seconds, then none for 20, then some for 10, then none for 15. Varies. This all started two days ago, and has not changed since then.

However, when plugged directly into the modem, this does not happen (i'm plugged into it now). Everything is fine. Connect the router, it all goes haywire. I've reset it, done all the usual jazz, gone through 2 hours of technical support, can't figure it out.

But, the odd thing is ... I have replaced the router with a new one, same problem. I changed the modem with one from my work (they are the same model), and same problem. I replaced all the wires and power supplies. The only wires i didn't replace were the phone wires going to the modem, but since it works when directly connected, those are not an issue. EVERY single possible component has been changed.

I have absolutely no idea what it could be. If anyone can give me any idea of how to fix this, i swear, i will forever be indebted to you.

(oh, and another note .... the problem is the same on the other computers, meaning it is not my computer's fault)

Thanks a ton to anyone with any suggestions.
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  1. During those times your Internet is not working, what does your browser says in the status bar? Does it say "Looking up <whatever site>..." or "Connecting <site>..."?

    One question: does this only happen to wired connection (the Desktop) or other wirelessly connected ones experience the same?
  2. It says "connecting <site>"

    And, it happens to all connections, not just the wired one.
  3. I found something on the net that most resemble your problem. The cause is your modem and router BOTH are trying to connect to your ISP using PPPoE (DSL uses PPPoE). Disable PPPoE on your router.

    Here is original post:
  4. Thanks.

    I actually bought a Netgear router ... and it fixed it. Don't know why, but the Linksys (both) did not work. But, thanks for the link. I'll keep it in case something happens again.
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