QX6850 Need help with motherboard and RAM

My hardware:

Processor: Intel QX6850 (333 x 4 = 1333)
Memory: G.Skill DDR2 800 (5-5-5-15) (2 x 2 GB)

I was thinking about buying http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813188024 which is the EVGA 780i (DDR2 800, 1333/1066)

I was reading about overclocking the CPU and has it affects the RAM and people are saying it is best to run the CPU and RAM at 1:1 ratio. If I get that motherboard would I be able to (or should I even) clock the CPU at 400 FSB and adjust the multiplier to 8 so it still runs over 3 GHz.

There are also another version of the same board that uses DDR2 1066 up to 1200.

I am new to overclocking but I somewhat know the basics.

I am wondering which board would be better to get and what I should run the processor and RAM at.
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  1. For that king of money, you would of been better off with i7.
  2. I didn't pay the $1000 for it and your post does not help me.
  3. I dont care how much you paid. i7 is still better. You would know that if you did your research before you wasted your money.
  4. Maybe you should do more research before making ignorant comments. LGA 1366 socket motherboards are more expensive, they use DDR3 RAM which is again more expensive then DDR2, and finally, the least expensive i7 processor is more expensive then what I paid for a QX6850.

    So don't insult my intelligence and have fun being a technology chaser. I did not waste my money.
  5. You did waste your money.

    If your such a genious, why do you come here and ask for help what to buy? If you knew what you were doing you would be smart enough to pick your own parts.

    I think I know how much a i7 920 is, since I am typing from my rig with one in it.

    Tomorrow I will be buying another i7 920 and a x58 motherboard. I can get the CPU and the mobo for $280 tomorrow. Black Friday!

    Beat that deal sucker!!!!!!!!!!

    If it makes you feel good to say you paid less then a i7 920 thats ok, we all know you didnt.

    Even if you got it free the i7 still is way faster!!!!!!!!!
  6. Lol you think I called myself a technology chaser, maybe you should re-read what I said. I am amused by how self absorbed you are.
  7. Im amazed how ignorant you are. Hows it feel to have a extreme thats is blown aeay buy the budget of next gen?
  8. Oh ok.. you just want to feel like you are better then everyone else by putting everyone else's hardware down because you have to buy every new thing that comes out. It is just amazing how ate up you have to be to start stuff with someone you don't even know. Bad childhood I assume, deny it all you want. Haha and you don't even know who I am, I feel sorry for you.
  9. roadrunner197069 said:
    Im amazed how ignorant you are. Hows it feel to have a extreme thats is blown aeay buy the budget of next gen?

    I don't really see the point in your comments, if your not going to be helpful, if he got a good deal on a QX its still a great processor and if its cheaper than the 920, its a hell of a deal... but i do agree spending over two hundred smackers on a 780 Nv Board, its quite a blow, what are you planing on doing with your rig? gaming? do you own an nvidia chip or o a pair or plan on doing tri sli? depending on that there might be better options out there post your plans and budget, BTW if your getting GSkill get de Pi series got those to 1200 on 2.1v and 5, 5, 5, 15 with a 8400
  10. It will be gaming on my PC.

    I will be buying an EVGA Nvidia GTX 260

    Main thing I am wondering is if I keep the processor at 1333 fsb will the RAM be underclocked for the 1:1 ratio (do I even want the 1:1 ratio?) Will the board be able to handle me clocking the processor at 400 which would make it 1600 FSB?

    Since the mainboard is rated for 1333/1066 can the processor's FSB be clocked over 1333 or does it max out at 1333 as in the board cannot handle it being over 1333?
  11. Ok Yes you want a 1:1 ratio, And yes the proc will probably your support the 333 fsb oc, if your planing on geting a single 260GTX then a P45 would be better, but if you plan to SLI or Even triple SLI then you want that mobo, you probably want to go Nvidia and are not considering Ati or am i wrong?

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231209 the ram i suggested
  12. What do you have for a heatsink for that chip? You could do 400FSBx10=4000mhz easily with good cooling. That would be 1:1 on the ram and a very nice speed on the chip.
  13. i agreee !!

    P45 or a nforce if you plan futur SLI.

    Nforce 750I or better is .... better !

    205$ 780i asus board ( im the asus kind of mobo guy)

    96$ p45 board (still asus)

    Edit1: Nice proc !!! im jalous ! ( i have a E6850) you X can be very smoothly OCed to 4ghz+ whit nice cooling.

    and plz by some maybe better RAM. the Pi-black Gskill is a big deal and is 4-4-4-12 800mhz that can be OCed to 1000.
  14. Ok, so even though the board says it only supports 1333/1066 FSB I can still set the CPU to 400 to make it 1600? I am guessing to do that I would also have to give it a little more voltage?

    I was thinking about getting the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835186134 to cool the CPU.

    EDIT: I was wondering.. if I want the 1:1 ratio why would I want to set the FSB to 400 and then overclock the RAM to 1000, wouldn't I have to set the CPU at 500 then to get the 1:1 ratio?
  15. Intel chipsets overclock better/higher than nvidia chipsets.
    However, that 780i should reach 400fsb without too much trouble.
    Just make sure you have good case air flow as well as the best air cooling for the CPU, if you plan on pushing it the far.
  16. Good air flow, good cooler, i personally have a Minityphoon (92mm thermaltake) and my E6850 @ 3.6 run 33 idle - 43-45 gaming. (im using 400fsb - Linked - my mem runs at 800mhz but 4-4-4-12 1T, havnt tried lower timing yet)

    The case air flow have alot to do in your OC. also think to have Air trowed to the NB, i had like 10C less to NB since i have my RC-690 that have 2 120mm side fan.
  17. Thank you for all of the help.

    I have an Antec Nine Hundred case and have it set up for best air flow.

    I was thinking about just clocking the CPU at 400 x 8 and run it at 3.2 GHz. I havn't really overclocked much before so I don't want to push it real hard.
  18. your the bosss ;)

    400x9 is EZ on air cooling. 400x10 is ok too.
  19. Is that Antec 900 quiet? Good airflow is good as long as your rig doesn't sound like a vacuum cleaner.
  20. Jadedreddragon,

    I just replaced my qx6850 with a qx9770...I have a Antec 900 case as well...and overclocked the qx6850 to 9x400 24/7 for 11 months. 8x400 was completely stable on normal voltage and airflow. I went up to a Thermalright 120 ultra cooler when I jumped to 9x400. the qx9770 I have now is watercooled.

    As for 1:1...you see a minor boost. like 1-2%. same thing with 1t vs 2t. Your ram just isn't a bottleneck in gaming. I do have ddr3-1800 that I run at 1600 for a 1:2 ratio. But everything I've read says that even at 1800...I might get ~3-5% more out of gaming.

    Oh, and for retards bagging on you for the CPU choice...trolls. just trolls.
  21. Japps is right, i just swaped in 4g 4-4-4-12 1t vs my old 2g 4-4-4-15 2t

    And i dont really have alot of increase in perf, Crysis is better .. cause it use more that my 2g i had. But a 3dmark06 give me exactly the same score.

    In game loading are way faster, but gaming is about the same.

    For the mobo ... i dont know if your choice is done, but its as you wish !
  22. Yea the Antec 900 is really quite, I want to get a new CPU cooling unit because the stock one sounds like there is a jet in my computer. I think I will get the 780i mobo I was thinking about getting.
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