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please help me to choose memory. I want to use GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS3P board and according to the specifications: it has a fsb of 1600 (O.C.)/1333/1066 requiring DDR2 1200 (O.C.)/1066 memory. Which memory can I use? I want to use 4GB(2x2GB). In other forum some members have suggested using ddr2 800 but the minimum fsb of the motherboard is 1066. How do I do this it if it's possible. I am a newbie so should I stay with 1066 as I don't know about overclocking.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 1. I have this board without the DES. It works perfectly with 800MHz DDR2 (a GEIL Black Dragon kit). Corsair/Geil/Kingston/Mushkin are a safe bet but just about any quality 800MHz DDR2 kit will work.

    2. FSB is QuadPumped meaning 266MHz physical frequency equals a 1066MHz data rate and 333MHz frequency equals 1333MHz data rate.

    3. Intel's memory controller uses a physical frequency x 2 (for dual data rate, DDR) and x 2 (for two channels) layout. So dual channel 800MHz DDR gives you a data rate of 1600MHz.

    4. You only need 1066MHz DDR2 if you intend to overclock beyond 400MHz FSB. Since you are a "newbie" you likely shouldn't try that until you gain some experience.
  2. Thnk you for shedding some light on the subject.

    According to Gigabyte's QVL , only Geil and Micron offers 2 sticks of 2GB. Do I have to stay with them or can I use other vendors such as Crucial, Corsair, Ocz?

    I have read the overclocking guide on the forum, it's informative but can you suggest some additional sites/info.
  3. They only tested those modules. It's dated anyway. Nobody buys 2x512MB modules today. Corsair 2x2GB modules would be my pick.
    Some links :

    As far as Intel overclocking guides go, graysky's thread ( )in the Overclocking forum is as good as it gets IMO. The last Intel CPU I had before my Q6600 was a P200MMX. It helped me alot. I never really searched for other guides.
  4. Many thanks to Shadow for putting this OC guide together:
  5. ^Even better as it's for a GA-P35-DS3x board. I completely forgot about that one.
  6. rs - those specs for the MB are not the minimums -- you can always run memory or the MB at a slower speed than its rating. You've chosen an excellent MB. As a rough rule, take the FSB of your Intel CPU and divide that by 2 to get the speed you should run your RAM at. For example, if your CPU is running at a 1333MHz FSB, set your memory bus to run at DDR2-667 speed.
    Finally, stay away from OCZ RAM, as they tend to overclock their RAM further than other manufacturers, and this leads to compatibility problems.
  7. HI

    i have GA-EP35-DS3P Mobo.i will suppose to install 1066 2x2Gb cosrair memory kit.

    Can i do this ?

    Pls advice

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