Watercooling a bad idea???

I am a first time builder who will begin building a new system in about a month. I am wondering if it's a bad idea for a first timer to use watercooling? I plan to OC this system which will be used strictly for gaming. I plan on buying the Silverstone TJ10 case to stuff everything in. I plan on using an EVGA 790i mobo, DDR3 memory, and deffinitely a 45nm cpu, possibly the Q9450. If it is a good idea can anybody recommend a really good all in 1 kit?
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  1. My opinion, whether your a first time builder or not, is water and electricity are not meant to be that close to each other. I know these water rigs are tight little systems but I just can't see it unless you're doing some full bore bench testing.
  2. There is not a kit that is high quality. There are parts assemblies that have everything yiou need using the good stuff availible. Try Petras and Danger Den. They are two of the top WC supply houses and really care about their customers. There is absolute crap sold to the masses who are uninformed. Please don't be one of them.

    DO NOT BUY THERMALTAKE OR KOOLANCE water stuff. You have been warned.

    become a member at these two sites.
    OC forums
    xtreme forums.

    Read for a week or so and learn what is good or bad. Yes. At least a week.

    A good basic CPU/GPU cooling kit is about $250. A really nice (top of the line everything) CPU/GPU/NB cooling setup is about $600.
  3. My last 3 rigs have been watercooled..

    First was an all in one case, 1/4" tubes, did well on my p4 and 1900xt.

    Second was mostly prebuilt system added to case, Third is a custom set.

    I like it cause it keeps my case in the 40's, e6750 @ 3.6 cpu in upper 20-30's, and both my 8800 GTX's at 50c or better.

    My room stays comfy, it is quiet, and I like the tinkering involved.
  4. Chuck the more I think about watercooling, the more I think it might be best for me to get my first build under my belt, using air cooling, and once I have learned a little more and feel comfortable, then I could step up to a watercooled system. I am the type of person that says hey, I want my system to run as fast as I can make it run, and perform as fast as it can, and everything I read sayd that watercooling is gonna do that best for me. But I think maybe I should wait a bit, and do ALOT more research. I mean I am going to be spending ALOT of money on this stuff and I deffinitely do not want to go a nd fry it. Keep the input coming guys. I welcome it.
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