Socket F (1207) CPU cooler / heatsink?

Which CPU coolers (heatsink/fan) support Socket F (1207), specifically for AMD quadcore Opteron (i.e. Barcelona)?

I am having difficulty figuring out what CPU cooler (i.e. heatsink / fan) will work (let alone purchase) on Socket F (1207). Specifically, I need to purchase heatsink/fan for quadcore Opteron 2350 (Barcelona). I will be using Tyan Tomcat or Thunder mobo's. (Probably the TYAN S2927-E and possibly S2912-E.)

The first problem is that no online store that I can find, has a topic specifically for Socket F. For example, go to, and there are NO heatsink/fans listed for Socket F. Newegg has seven listed, but not by a company with which I am familiar.

Secondly, the various heatsink/fan manufacturers do not seem to know Socket F (1207) exists. Visit a cooler manufacturer's website (e.g. Zalman (sp?) or Thermaltake) and they do not list Socket F (or Socket 1207) compatible CPU heatsink/fans. Lots of Socket 939, 940, AM2, AM2+ cooling options, but no Socket F (1207).

Lastly, AMD's own website doesn't provide much help in the matter.

I've found one web page that suggests that any Socket 939 CPU cooler will work with Socket F (1207):

quote: "socket 939 heatsinks with bolt through work. Meaning heatsinks like the noctua u12, thermalright ultra 120, ultra 120 extreme, tuniq tower, big typhoon etc. Basically any bolt through 939 heatsink will work with socket F."

and: "Every 939 cooler will do the job.
I have Tyan S2927&Opteron 2210 and stock 939 coolers works just fine!
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  1. I would look at the bracket surrounding the socket f cpu. It should be similar to socket am2 or 939. Newegg has good photos, and you can compare the two.
  2. I'm doing Dual 2352's on an S2927-E. I'm using the Dynatron 3.7" pitch I believe.

    A few things to think about when getting a heatsink is
    a) how big is your case
    b) the pitch (how many inches apart the two screws are from eachother over the cpu)

    New egg had mine, fits in place without the need of the bracket retention tire iron rod mechanisms.
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