1Gbps network performance issues on Linux server

I'm in the process of setting up a Linux based RAID on a 1Gbps LAN. The RAID is building as we speak using mdadm. In the mean time I'm trying to get everything else set up on the RAID server running Ubuntu 8.04. Initially I set up Samba and the performance really bites. On the Windows task manager it shows 0.31% network utilization. Suspecting Samba or the CIFS implementation in Windows I set up an FTP server. The performance almost as bad but has a different behavior than I expected. Hovering around 1% network utilization it goes on and off. On for about 5 seconds, off four about 15.

When I do this same FTP test but to a different Linux machine with only a 100Mbps NIC I peg the network utilization at 10% which is expected behavior. So I believe this issue is related to the 1Gbps network configuration on my new Linux RAID server configuration. Any pointers to help me out?

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  1. To me, it seems natural. Here are some reasonings behind my belief:

    1) MS networks are broadcast intensive. That's why with Samba, it show 31%

    2) FTP utilization hovering around 1% issue: there are 2 connections for FTP, control and data. Control connection needs to be kept until configured timeout occur to tear it down. That hovering is probably caused by keepalive packets sent every now and then.

    3) Your last FTP test showing 10% in utilization is caused by the fact that you measure it during the time FTP Data connection is still active, meaning data is still transferring. As soon as transfer is complete, data connection is torn down.
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