Home-built laptop...Where can i find a battery???

Ok, so I wanna build a laptop from scratch. I have solved most of hardware problems expect for the most crucial: the power source. Does anyone have any ideas on how i could use a battery (of any kind) to power my device? I'm low-power components: a pico-itx mobo, probably a CF card for storage, and windows xp pro.
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  1. well your problem isnt just a power source, its also regulating that power.
  2. Just out of curiosity; is this just for fun?
  3. Kinda, i wanna build a small, lightweight laptop/mp3 player. Something like the Cloudbook or Eee PC. I don't mind buying on of those, I just like building it myself. I'm one of those people.
  4. Car battery + pictopsu DVD - DC PSU(thats the regulator)

    For real, you would need to find some kind of small 12 volt battery to use the pictoPSU, but it would more then power your system. (8 x 1.5 batteries[AA] would do it, but i would not imagine the life would be there due to low maH output).

    Keep an eye out for some kind of 12 volt lithium battery pack.

    What ever you do, POST PICTURES!!!! i like pictures of cool mods and self made devices.
  5. buy up an old laptop and scrap its internals. IBM thinkpad with a p3 in it for $100 on ebay or something along those lines. find a battery of size, pull apart the internals to peck out the power functions, etc. You can find already broken laptops for far cheaper.
  6. If there's a Battery Wholesale store nearby, they can put one together for you - they assemble batteries from cells all the time. You can allways do what this guy did with his laptop and remote power technology:http://www.daileyint.com/build/buildtoc.htm

    And here's a tutorial on rebuilding a laptop battery: http://www.fonerbooks.com/laptop_3.htm I suppose you could obtain one, reverse engineer it and then build your own but what's the point?
  7. Thanks, guys !
    This is exactly what i wanted to know.
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