How to build a personal web server with NAS

Hello everybody, I want to build a personal web server to assemble applications that must run 24 / 7, the most viable solution I see is a NAS server (I want to buy the Linksys NSLU2 Network Storage Link for USB 2.0 Drives), the question is You can do this?, describe the equipment that I need? or equipment would be ideal? wish to purchase an economic team to try, thank you very much for the help, greetings
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  1. Yes, but my understanding is they stopped selling the NSLU2. Should you find one you next question is which linux distro to install, I've seen a lot of very lite file share specific ones out there. The ultimate question you need to ask yourself, is how slow of a file transfer do you want, USB is going to be very slow depending on what you're doing. You're better off looking at the NAS solutions out there.
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