9800gx2 + Asus Striker 2 Formula = black screen

OK situation is prety desperate for me right now i done everything i could to test/check/find and im at the dead end. I Realy need help.

My spec is:
Geforce 9800Gx2
Asus Striker 2 Formula Motherboard
Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2,40 GHz (S775/65nm) BOX
4GB (4x1GB) PC2-5300 DDR 667 GEIL
Corsair HX620 PSU Modular
X-Fi Extreme Gamer
3x HDD Sata2

Now all this components are completly new. I always use 2 monitors so after i instaled all the components i pluged bouth of them. For some reason one of them was not displaying anything compared to my old 3870 Ati but ok i swiched the monitors to plug in the main one and turned the computer again. All the lights where glowing properly on the GPU (Blue etc)

Now i instaled the Windows XP Home SP2 + Update -->> All drivers afterwards then restarted computer.

Instaled 3dmark6 included with the motherboard and run the bechmark to test the temp and stability of all the hardware. Everything looked very good CPU temp ~40-42 at 100% use (all cores) GPU temp 65-70. No problems at all end Score was around 16-17k. omputer was working for like 5h-6h total w/o turning it off.

Now here is where the problem starts, after that all happy i runed the 3dmark6 Demo just to be sure for like 10min maybe more, everything was still stable but then monitor shut down to stand by mode (Samsumg 226CW). Its like you put cable to turned off GPU, but the gpu is workng including everything in the background. I Turned it off completly and restarted. Nothing changed...

Since i was working at asembling computers when i was younger i knew most basic problems so w/o any panic i disconected most of the components leaving only 1GB ram MB+Procesor, GPU and the PSU conected inside the case. I turned the power on and still nothing. Monitor still stays in stand by mode.

Now after that i started to get worried, i checked everything if all is conected right, cables, PSU, slots etc. Everything was good. I decided to take evrything out and put it on the table.

Now this MB have special LED display aded that shows most errors and proceses done by the motherboard w/o the monitor. I conected everything outside, and tryed now. Still nothing changed GPU is working, all lights where green, the fan on gpu and on cpu was working corectly, only weird thing was only one of 2 lights in the back of the card glowing. There was only Green light and the blue one that was glowing before was dark. I touched bouth side to check the temp of the GPU, on the side od glowing light it was warm a litle but on the other side it was cold like te GPU was not working (only GPU2 was warm).

Next thing i done to try and fix it i reseted the CMOS. No change. Then i tryed to take the batery out and reset it manualy. I waited 30min, and put it back, still nothing changed. Now i started to get desperate becasue i bought this card abroad and it would take realy long to send it back there and get it fixed while i stay w/o computer for 2 months.... Im not that rich, this setup was my long term upgrade.

I hit the official forums and fan sites, and i found that older brother of gx2 ,7800gx2 had simlar problem. Some motherboards did not recognize primary GPU in thouse cards (since it had 2 like 9800GX2 card) and was trying to run from second GPU unsucesfuly ending in monitor staying in stand by mode because it did not recive any video data... Unfortunaly i did not have second VGA card to update Bios so im stuck here... but im not sure if that will solve anything.

Afterwards i checked other more powerfull PSU, still nothing changed. Im sure Procesor is working 100% corectly so all that is left is either something wrong with the Graphic card or The motherboard ? I found alot of ppl with simlar problems on meny other forums that where left w/o any anwser to this problem.

Motherboards is working perfectly fine hardware wise, but it just dont want to work with this card anymore. I dont know if its becasue the cards is malfunctioning or the Bios on the MB is bugy ? The bigest problem right now is that i cant find the definite reason what is wrong and im prety much left with thouse 2 posible things. But there might be still something else that im mising ?

All i need is simple anwser what to do ?!? Buy new MB if Bios wont work ? Trash The 9800gx2 and buy ati 3870 that worked earlier ?

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  1. Hi Thomas,

    Sounds like a sweet build...when it starts working. Two things that come to mind are first, you have a modular PSU. Double check those connections from the PS to the Card on both ends. The 9800 GX2 should run fine on the PS you have. Secondly, it sounds more like a GPU issue to me. My friend had a dual GPU in the 7800 series and had a few issues too with dual monitors. What brand is it? If it is Evga or another reputable company, RMA it and see what happens when you get a new PGU rolling.
  2. Thx for tip Bubacus and i admit on paper this setup is realy impresive, i could only maybe put Quad Extreme there but im not that rich yeat ;P

    I have checked other PSU, Corsair HX1000, and still nothing changes. This PSU is nvidia certified for 9800gx2 card, so i dont think i have any kind power supply shortage. Conections are ok to.

    9800gx2 card have light glowing and showing what is going on with the card more or less, you can easily see if card gets enough power, because the leds show the proper light near the conectors. All mine are green.

    I was wandering what blue one at gpu1 back was standing for but i think it was standing for active primary card video output, problem is the gpu2 is only glowing now...

    Its Gainward 9800gx2, tbh if i would buy now i would buy BFG...
    Only thing i can still do is try update bios tomorow when i borrow some vga card from someone and check if it helps.

    I realy hope its not GPU or i will have to buy new one atleast 8800GTS as replacement till i get this one from repair, i will have to send it abroad where i bought it and they have to send it back last time it took 3 months... and funy is i bought this card 6 days ago...jesus... im in a mood for suicide :/
  3. It is the Power Supply mate.You have to get the 8 pin adapters for the card
    (Unless you got it with the card).If you haven't got it you will have to ring corsair and get the adapter.Just to tell you all corsair PSU's have the 8 pin connector problem.
  4. Ohh one more thing i forgot to add, the card fan is working at 100% nonstop.....
  5. Hmm i dont think so. My PSU was bought few days ago with the rest of the hardware. It have 2x 6+2 (PCI-e 8pin) Its one after the revision of all models recently.


    Beside The 9800gx2 shows bouth lights are green where the cables from PSU are pluged in what means that the card gets enough power.

    I wish that it would be PSU though ;P Would be much easier, i have like 5 of them and checked them all :/
  6. plug the monitor cable into the cards other dvi output
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