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Looking to upgrade, got a e8400, now I need a mobo. New eggs got this one on sale. Is it decent or is there better for $130?

I want something midrange and efficient.

Also, is it true that the e8400 will only work with RAM 600 mhz or greater?

Thanks guys!
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  1. I suggest: GA-P35-DS3L

    Works with DDR2-667 or above. DDR3-1333 or above.
  2. The E8400 has a 1333 FBS (333x4) and the RAM would be 667 (333x2). With a 1:1 ratio.

    If you are goung to overclock IE 1600 FBS (400X4) you would need DDR2 800 RAM (400x2).

    The E8400 can overclock over 400 FBS, So if you are going to overclock get fast RAM, the faster the RAM the higher you can overclock.

    The P5K Pro is a good board. ASUS makes good boards and if it has all the options you want then it is the right board for you.

  3. Some reviews of the P5K Pro:

    Check the GA-EP35-DS3R / DS3P against it for features.
    The DS3P should have everything except the 8phase power regulation and the DS3R doesn't have the second PCIEx16 (x1/x4 electrical) slot and firewire.
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