Can't open files from external HD

I installed a new external HD E: connected to my Desktop XP Home SP3. I am wirelessly networked to laptop Vista Home Premium. Sharing is on and network is operating fine.


I can save and retrieve files originated on DT to E:
When I try to open a file on my laptop I get the message: 'Can't open read only document'

If the file is in a folder the message is: 'You do not have permission to access the file "\\mycomputer\E:\filename" '
"Ask the server administrator to give you permission to access the file"

I am the administrator on both computers. How can I access these file from my laptop?

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  1. Don't expect an answer on here. I had a question about an external drive and it is on here for a week and not one reply.
  2. make sure you've done the following steps:
    - Give each computer a name
    - Assign a workgroup name
    - Set up a protocol (for Windows XP)
    - Enable file sharing
    - Share your folders

    if you've done everything or want me to explain something, clarify what you need
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