Can you help me plan my lan party?

Hello All
I am a lan party noob and want to run one. I need to know what all I need from a networking standpoint.

Here are the details of the group:
Everyone has fairly new laptops and they all have wireless network cards
I want to play with between 24 - 32
I have no networking gear except for a standard home buffalo air station 4 port and a cable modem.
We have plenty of power and room.
I intend on playing something old like quake 2
Assume all the invitees have an ethernet cable and nothing else available to them.

Here are the questions:
Could I or should I go wireless?
What type of budget am I going to need?
Please point me to items on newegg if possible?
or should I give up?
Natty ice or Franzia?

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  1. 1. You could but with a lan party that big your going to have major downtimes with the wireless signals going through out.
    2. It depends, since you already have some routers maybe you can buy some cheap switchers and connect them to your router you can save yourself and have a easy setup.
    3. Check your local Fry's or something, I'm too lazy to point to Newegg.
    4. Don't give up, google some Lan Party Guides on the net. Pretty sure you can get some good pointers here and there.
    5. Huh?

    Good luck with your party, just use my advice if you need to. Don't get mad at me if you screw up. :P

    TRENDnet TE100-S24 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch 24 x RJ45 8K entries per device MAC Address Table 2.5MB per device Buffer Memory - Retail

    for 64.99 +tax/shipping if applicable.

    Plug this into one of the switch ports on your Buffalo Air station. You'll probably need a crossover cable if you don't already have one available i'm sure you can pick one up for a few bucks on newegg with the switch. You can use the remaining ports or wireless if you end up with more than 24 guests.

    Don't forget to make sure you router has a sufficient dchp pool of addresses to handle the 24-30 some odd guests you may have.
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