What kind of wireless device do I need?

I want to put two ethernet wired computers on my wireless connection. I can't run a network cable between my current wireless router and these two computers. What I want to do is get a wireless access point that will pick up my wireless internet and allow me to plug a simple network switch into it, and then connect the two computers to the switch.
Maybe I am not completely understanding the terminology and any regular wireless access point will allow me to plug in a switch? Or do I need something else, like something that says its a bridge?

btw would something like this work?

Or would I need something that says it's a bridge:

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  1. The links unfortunately do not work. I think a better solution would be to get the wireless access point and equip both PCs with their own wireless adapters (those USB plug-and-play variants are easy to install, since they're almost plug-and-play).

    AFAIK, routing wired traffic to a WAP would work, since access points are basically wireless versions of hubs. But as you may already know, the wired connections will be limited by the relatively lower bandwidth of wireless.
  2. You need a wireless bridge.

  3. thanks
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