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Hey peeps. I know its not really best for here but I know this part of the forum gets the best of the best. I am trying to make a TF2 viseo for my clan and have tried a lot of different software but none record it in decnet quality and smooth. Tried FRAPs and it would always record at 30FPS. Tried ZD Soft or whatever and it would do the same.

Anywho, if you know of a decent program that will be able to record video at a decent FPS let me know.
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  1. 30 (or 25) FPS is normal for SD video. The only time you go higher is 50 or 60 FPS for the higher end HDTV systems.

    If it's getting jerky then things are going out of sync between the video grabber and the game and it's dropping frames. Drop the game's video quality settings and try and give as much CPU to the grabber as possible. It'll also needs good hard disk speed, preferably it's own disk to record to.

    If you really want to keep the frame rate up it's worth getting a separate computer to do the grabbing, and split the video out from the game computer. I use a Canopus ADVC55 to turn either NTSC or PAL video signals into a Firewire video source that can be captured right into a video editing program.
  2. Well my rig isn't that weak. But it might be out of sync. Any suggestions to being able to get it to sync up? It seems weir.d I had it record it at half size but the quality was crap.

    I might just have to have a friend do it instead although he has a similar rig tas I do but he seems to have good luck with videos.
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