Why does my Q6600 vcore keeps on dropping on load questions

I was wondering if anybody can help me with this, I dont understand why my Vcore shown on OCCT and CPUZ keeps on dropping during load like my stress test on both OCCT and Prime95, is this the cause of my weak powersupply, I have a cooler master 650w extreme power, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817171014 this one, is it normal for my vcore to go from 1.49volts to 1.44 during load and stress test. if not then is this due to my retarded cheap powersupply with its 73% efficientcy, is it maybe that its not stable at all, me readings told me that i got 11.7volts for 12v and 4.9volts for 5v, is that not stable, too weak. I was planning on buying a new powersupply to make it more stable for overclocking and i needed to get some thoughts into this before the purchase, i am going to get BFG ES800 watt psu for only 115bucks so should i do that is it just my setup which is:

640gb western digital
2gb patriot ram
2x 8800 gts 512mb sli
5 120mm case fans
q6600 at 3.2-3.6ghz (not stable) i need help
antec p180 case
cooler master hyper 212
cooler master 650w extreme power (got it for 45bucks a year ago)

I just want to know if its my power supply that is not keeping this machine stable then i might just go buy that BFG ES800watt psu this weekend.
Is it normal for it to just drop vcore during loading times, i would think it would go up during load, maybe its my instability in the PSU.
Is my motherboard not sufficient.
Oh yea one more important thing i should share i got a Q6600 GO stepping and VID is 1.3125v and does that effect my overclock on such a board.
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  1. nvm i fixed the vdroop and vdrop problem, it was simply the Asus P5N-D 750i motherboard which is really bad at these vdroops and vdrops but anyways there should be a pencil mod thread here that tells u how to fix this i simply fill in with my 2b pencil at the right place and there i go i got a better far less vdroop, from .1 drop to .03 now very very good. for ppl who have this board i recommend the pencil mod only if you are overclocking.
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