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:hello: I'm having a serious problem. I just signed up for classes at a university and all the classes are online. I especially need the use of a toolbar with the File, Edit, feature on it. I have no way of doing my homework without it. What do I do to get it back. The problem did not occur until after I installed a Gaia Online Toolbar. Basically, when I open up my Firefox Search Engine, the first button I see on the top left is a green arrow pointing left and then one that points to the right. Next is a refresh icon, the stop loading page icon, Gaia Online.com homepage Icon, Gaia Online Address Bar, Google Search, followed by my favorite short cut icons. By short cut icons I am referring to Weather Alert, Translate Button, Scientific Calculator, Google Earth, etc. How can I get the toolbar back with the File, Edit, Save, etc. functions? :cry:

Thankx a Mill,
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  1. Click Tools / Tool bar / Menu bar
  2. mibix19 said:
    Click Tools / Tool bar / Menu bar

    I can't click on tools. There is no Menu Bar. What do I do now?
  3. right click on the refresh button, and then click the "menu bar" option. That should get it back for you
  4. Press F11.
  5. Click: Start>All Programs>Mozilla Firefox>Start Firefox in safe mode

    Click: Reset address bar and all controls (or something like that, I'm not actually looking at it right now)
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