Wireless networking problem

hi, i m working on a small network in an office. but i am unable to get through the wireless network part.

i will explain the setup 1st.

they have a wireless D-Link router http://i40.tinypic.com/m7s7dt.jpg having four ports for physical lan connection ok.

3 pc's r connected to 3 of its port & all 3 of them r in lan with drives being shared & all ok.

now there is another pc in another room. this pc has bsnl adsl router connected directly to its nic card n internet is working on this pc.
a d-link usb wireless http://i42.tinypic.com/206fyqd.jpg is connected via its usb port for being in network with rest of the 3 pc's using the wireless router that is there in another room got it?

now i am unable to bring this pc having wireless usb nic in network with rest of the 3 pc.

what i have did till now is, put the wireless nic on dhcp which it was previously when it was in network. tried resetting the d-link router but itdidn'tt work either. gave the wireless nic an static ip of but it dint ping the rest of the three pc's having range of 102,103,104(by dhcp)

to be straight forward its not in network. entered the network key that was there in wireless router in the wireless card but still no use :(

what steps r to be followed. m home now. will be trying out every possibilities tomorrow morning when i reach the site.

pls guide.
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  1. Sorry if I didn't completely understand your problem. Are you trying to share your internet connectivity among all 4 PCs, or you just want that fourth PC to see the other three on your network?

    May I suggest you connect the ADSL router to your wireless router? That way, your main PC will just have one NIC to worry about (the usb WiFi dongle), making setup much easier.

    Another suggestion I have is that it's possible that your USB wireless hasn't been properly configured. You've installed drivers for that, right?
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