q6600 @ 70degess C. should i worry?

i just got my new pc running a q6600 and intel DG31PR.
the ventilation in the cabinet is not great, but it seemed to be enough.
the cpu temps go from 60-70 degrees. im on the stock cooler. i know the temps are high... but will it affect performance in a BIG way? are these high temps DANGEROUS? dont wanna change the HSF. room tems are around 30-35 degrees (india)
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  1. Try adding some 80mm fans or the like.
  2. When you mention 60-70C, are you talking about the Tcase temp?

    If that is so, then it would be dangerous, since the thermal spec is 71C (G0 stepping) which is the max it should be running at.

    You might wanna recheck the HSF installation. He's a video to watch:

    Intel 775 CPU Installation
  3. What kind of temps are they? Core temps? And is that idle to load temps?

    The general rule of thumb is to stay under 65C for coretemps. A Q6600 can do up to 70C, but that's not recommended because it may affect nearby components like the NB.
  4. Agreed with above posters.
  5. thanks for replies. yeah the cpu core temp is at 70C. the other temps are about 5-10C cooler inside. i think the HSF is installed properly. i cant change the cooler for atleast 3 more months. is it advisiable to use the system like this? maybe add another 80mm fan in a month?
  6. I'm sorry, I don't see how people say those temps should be that high. Myself, I know that I'm an AMD guy and not up on intel, but my Athlon idles at about 30 degrees C, those temps seem high to me.
  7. For a 30-35 degree room those temps are to be expected with the stock cooler.

    First off can you confirm you are talking about core temps and not Tcase.

    Coretemp will show you your core temperatures

    While 70 is "Warm" over 75 you may start to worry, much over that and it will start to throttle(drop speeds to cool down) soon after it will just shut off(if the temps continue to rise). So either way, no damage will occur.

    If you look in my signature there is a link to a guide by CompuTronix that will explain all the temps.

    One thing to try is make sure that your boards auto fan speed(should be in the hardware monitor)is turned off. This will make the fan run full speed all the time.
  8. Open the case and check your temps, if they go down to 40-50 you need more case fans, if not ckeck the installation of HS and better change it before frying your CPU
    Temp of CPU is not acceptable at all , if it was me I'll off my pc immediately or use it with case opened
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