Q6600 Compability right out of box question

Hey guys I just need some quick advice on a Q6600 compatible motherboard. I have read that some of the Socket LGA 775 boards need to be flashed prior to have a Q6600 run. I am looking at the Asus
P5E LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX Intel Motherboard. Will this take my q6600 without having to flash.

Also what other boards will do the trick and i am going the the OCZ reaper (2x2gb) sticks. WIll these work with that board as well?

If you have any other suggestions that would be great. I also heard the P35 boards are almost better so I was still looking at the GA P35 DS3L. My only real concern is if a motherboard will take my Q6600 without having to flash. Since I do not have parts laying around just to flash.
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  1. p35 ds3l will except a q6600 right out of the box
  2. Both boards will post a Q6600 just fine.
    Save your money and get the Gigabyte.
    If you will not overclock, then exotic memory is not required. The Q6600 runs memory 1:1 at DDR2-533 speed. Even if you do overclock, DDR2-800 gives you lots of headroom.
    Always choose the motherboard first, then use the mfr's website to choose compatible ram.
  3. yea i have looked at the gigabyte website but their MFR list seems a little outdated for the DS3L
  4. If you wish to Over Clock, definitely get an Intel based motherboard, and not an nVidia/nForce based board. Much better for OC'ing Quads I hear. :)
  5. ^both boards OP suggested are intel chipsets

    I would go with the DS3L if your on a budget, if you are looking to crossfire, or you want some more features (RAID, firewire etc.) then go with the P5E
  6. Ok I have decided to go with the Asus board because it is a little more future proof for my setup. I would of gone for the DS3L but for my needs the P5E will work. Lets hoep they ship it with current bios that recognizes the Q6600.
  7. I'm pretty sure anything with an X38 will support the Q6600 out of the box. The X38 chipset is newer than the Q6600. You might have had issues with P35 and E8x00 series chips, but any of those with newer stock should still work.

  8. thanks
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