Im missing my tool bar with favorites

My Tool and Favorites bar has suddenly gone missing. Have tried system restore to earlier date with no luck. I have had not computer training so please use terminology I understand. Thanks,
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  1. Im guessing that this is in some kind of Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)

    At the top of the web browser for Internet explorer and Firefox, locate the area just under the upper blue bar (the top of the window should have a blue bar, im talking about just under that)

    on your mouse in the area just under the blue bar (find a blank usually grey area) and RIGHT CLICK. Now locate the option of A) for firefox, "navigation bar" B) for Internet Explorer, (Address Bar)

    CLICK ON THIS OPTION and your address bar should come back :D
  2. SAme thing happened to me. This atually worked and was the easiest solution. Thanks so much.
  3. i'm an OAP on Google Chrome,with VERY limited computer experience...any ideas on how to bring back my favourites toolbar please?
    I had 7 updates earlier today,and toolbar only seems to have gone since then....any connection?
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