HP XP Operating System CD on Dell?

I'm reinstalling my operating system on my Dell, but I lost the disc that came with it. I have an HP Operating System CD for XP, and I was wondering whether or not it will work with my Dell
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  1. Windows XP is Windows Xp.

    You may have a "branding" issue where many screens will have HP logos and browser bookmarks already set but the thing should install and run. You will need the CD key that accompanies the HP CD to install XP from that disk.
  2. No, it won't work.

    It's an OEM disc that was activated on a different system. It's a recovery disc with preloaded drivers for the HP system.
  3. The reason it will not work among Computer Companies is a BIOS Software check - the stop or go check, like you find with WIFI Cards. I was rarely able to get it to work, I get a warning about wrong software, if it does not crash. For example, I tried HP on Toshiba, it installed yet crashed at every restart. To put the right software in and it performs. When I rarely did get it to work I had HP logos in Dell and Dell Logos in HP and crashed randomly while using it.
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