Tray of DVD-RW DVR-K17RS stucked

Yo there, Im dealing with a laptop aspire 5050 which has been droped twice and after the hits, the tray does not open, as I can tell, the drive has energy because its recognized by the bios and system but it wont open; I ve tryed the clip thing but It doesnt work. I have no DVD in the drive. I hear [when using software to eject] the click of the brakects open but the tray are stuck and when put upside it does not slide/
Perhaps the motor has gone?
Thanks in advance :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. you've likely either broken or caused the cogs to jump which is jamming the drive,

    if it were a desktop drive id say to open it up and attempt to correct the problem, laptop well, have a look for a maintenance manual for it, see if the drive is removable, if it is take it out and see if you can open it.

    i did try and find the manual but kept finding pay sites which is annoying.
    you could try contacting acer directly for help.
    i did find this site - but im not sure if its legit so be careful.

    you could be cheeky and look into rma or warranty, buuut not sure how far you will get with that.
  2. thanks montyuk , you are very kind. :D :D
    I find only pay sites as well bro. Im figuring out how to extract the entire drive. I have no warranty so im on my own,,,!!!
    thanks for your time and dedication
  3. On my laptop, it has a clip used to take out the whole drive and a small hole you insert a straight paper clip to open the drive (similar to a desktop drive). I wasn't sure what "clip thing" you tried so I'm stating both and saying that your best best is trying to manually open it using the paper clip.

    sorry if this is what you already tried (as I said, I wasn't sure)
  4. thanks bc4 , yep you are right the clip hole was the thing I was trying, So I went and disassembled the whole laptop to acces the drive and directly open it. finally I unclog the motor and the cogs and reassembled the toaster(=p). Well at least it works again.
  5. good job!
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