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im currently wanting to add phenom 9600 black edition cpu and another sapphire 3870 for crossfire i have and ultra x-connect 750watt powersupply and wondering if its gonna be good enough im currently looking at either an ocz 700watt or thermaltake just in case either one of those would be okay or look for something else any advice? heres my current rig

amd x2 5000+ 65watt cpu
sapphire 3870
(2) sticks corsair 6400 (4)gb total
msi k9a2 cf-f motherboard
2 western digital 250gb sata drives in raid 0
liteon dvdrw
(2) cold cathode lights
thermal soprano case (2) 120mm fans on side 90mm side window fan
ultra x-connect 750 watt powersupply
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  1. just stick with what you have, if you feel it not p to the job get at 700w with a good name with it like, coolermaster, Hiperpower, enermax, akasa... but i would just see how your system handels what your getting.
  2. ok thanx i though ocz made good powersupplys?
  3. PC Power and Cooling, and Corsair make the absolute best power supplies for the 550-800 wattage ranges, the PC Power and cooling being the absolute best and the Corair being the best bang for your buck. If I remember right the Ultra X-connect series sucks, and I would not trust any Ultra power supply except the X3, and thats still pushing it.
  4. OCZ power supplies are decent, not good or bad, just average.
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139006 im currently looking at this corsair its a 750watt but only has one single 12volt rail its that fine?
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