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Hi, I am trying to install Windows Xp on my computer but it doesnt install. I am having problem with the copying files. I formatted the root drive C: so viruses can be removed, but still it doesnt install. Whenever the setup is copying files it stucks on 56% and then gives an error that the file is missing press enter to retry or esc to skip. I pressed enter 5 or 6 times and then it gives error pfn_chk_list and my computer restarts. The problem was that my xp was running fine the other day but then i saw a error physical dump memory error. After that the windows was booting but wasnt showing any startup screen and kept constantly restarting. So i thought it would be best to format my 400gb western digital hard drive and try again, but the copying error came again. I have made four partitions of my hdd.Please give me a solution to this and reply as soon as possible. :(
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  1. did you try pressing esc to skip?
  2. yes but it skips to another file and it says windows cannot copy this file:user32.dll and many other files and suddenly the screen blacks out and shows an error says icq_not_less_or_equal. i havent install any graphic card, only tplink mother board is gigabyte g4_m1 some model with 2 gb ddr2 ram installed.
  3. well, im thinking that unless you want to go through the trouble of trying to create your own installer with the corrected files (which from the sound of it would be a nightmare) you might want to call Microsoft and get a replacement CD.
  4. hmmm maybe my tplink wireless adapter seems to create the problem. i will uninstall any unwanted hardware and then try the installation. If it doesnt work ill go to my computer retailer and tell them the problem. After all its only one month since i bought my computer. Maybe i will call microsoft for my cd. And thnx for the reply :)
  5. No problem, let us know how it turns out :)
  6. Still no sign of any progression. I removed the wireless adapter and re-install the xp but the error still came and the file was shell32.dll . I will go the computer retailer to give him my computer to install XP and give me the solution to this nightmare. :(
  7. hi
    tis is vinayk maxpayne94 take another cd of winxp and install ur win xp cd is corruptd..
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