Need a Wireless PC Adapter

Okay guys and gals,

I'm trying to setup my Xbox live and since my Plasma and 360 are in a different room than my PC, I was told I needed a router.

I recently bought a D-Link DIR-615 wireless router, along with the 360 wireless network adapter.

I've placed the router in a centralized loacation and now Xbox Live picks up the signal much better but it isn't connecting to my internet. I figure its because my PC doesn't have wireless adapter...the router is simply hooked up to a power outlet but has no ethernet cable running to it (approximately 20 feet from my pc.) I didnt want to have ugly ethernet cables running throughout the house, so thats why I got a wireless router.

1. So is it true that I need a wireless network adapter for my PC for this all to work??

2. If so, I read that you should stick with the same brand when buying this stuff, so what would be a good D-Link adapter? What should I be looking for?

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

Other applicable information:

PC: Dell Dimension E510
Internet: Roadrunner Hi-Speed Cable Internet
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  1. Stupid question: your router is connected to your cable internet modem right?
  2. nope,i had it hooked up to it at first to set it up but now it's in a totally different room.

    My internet on my PC works with my cable modem but my Router has no internet connection at the moment.
  3. Im not sure what to do.

    Here is the issue:

    Xbox 360 Live only gets 1 bar of connectivity when my Router is hardwired to my modem (about 50 feet away from 360). The signal sucks.

    So, I moved the router to a centralized point. The reception is a lot better now (3 bars), but I dont have a 30 foot ethernet cable to hook into my modem....and I'm not sure I want a cable running all through my house.

    What do I do? Whats my cheapest option?
  4. If I dont want to run an ethernet cable, I probably have to move the router back to my PC and get a wireless access point....i'm thinking
  5. If the problem is poor reception maybe this would help:

    You would have to check to make sure it will go on the adapter where you're trying to receive the signal, but at least its the same brand so figuring out if its compatible should be easier.
  6. would I use this?

    I can relocate my router back to my computer room and just plug this antenna into my wireless N router and hopefully my 360 has great reception right?
  7. No, I think that goes on the adapter, the thing that would be on your game console.

    Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? Sometimes they can help you figure out what you need to make their stuff work.
  8. You might have to get a wireless access point so that you can extend your router's range and make it reach your XBox 360. LINKSYS WAP54G Wireless-G 54Mbps Access Point.
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