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Windows 7 fails to boot... sometimes

Ok so about 6 months ago my dad bought an HP p6674y Desktop. Two days ago it failed to boot to windows 7 home premium. I ran the diagnostics that came with the HP's motherboard. It checked everything (CPU, RAM, S.M.A.R.T. status, Hard drive's connection to the motherboard) and everything checked out fine. But after the motherboards boot screen the screen goes black. Nothing, besides a little underscore (_) blinking in the top left of the screen. I really hate windows because there is no way to find out what failed like there is in linux. Does anybody have any ideas? I just ran a Norton scan and all we have is 18 tracking cookies that where deleted. Unless you have a bulletproof plan I really dont want to reboot the desktop. I got it up and running after leaving it without power all night long. What could be the problem?
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  1. borrow a windows disk from a friend,

    put it in the laptop and do a repair install, it sounds like he got a virus to me

    did he make a recovery disk/ there is a tool that comes with hp laptops to make them

    check to see if there is a windows key on a sticker on the box or the laptop

    if there is download a copy of the right version of windows either x64 or x86 remove the e.g.cfg file

    then install again with the version that came with the laptop and use the key that is on the sticker

    this is perfectly legal as you pay for the license key not the disk with the software on it

    or borrow one from a friend
  2. I had an issue like this on a Laptop, turned out to be the HD was bad. Run Chkdsk.exe see if it comes back with bad sectors.
  3. If the HD is bad then how come S.M.A.R.T. doesnt say its bad. By the way now it isnt recognizing flash drives that werent plugged into it before its first booting failure. I think its most likely windows 7.
  4. Hey is there some way I could repair windows 7 instead of re installing? Does the install disk have that? And lastly can I download the installer off the microsoft website?
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    S.M.A.R.T. doesn't always work just run the check disk.
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