Which P35 boards or sub $200 boards OC the best

Hey just looking for a little mobo help.

I was going to buy the abit ip35 pro but theyre sold out on newegg and I plan on ordering my full comp there dont really want to split places.

Anyways what other ip35 boards or boards under $200 OC well? Some people have suggested the D3SL/R Gigabyte board to save me money if I didn't want SLI and said it could OC my e8400 to like 3.6ghz. I've seen many people with e8400 oc'd to 4.0+ though.

I was thinking a little bit about the EVGA Nforce 750i but am I just paying the extra money for SLI and what not? I also read a few reviews that had trouble using vista 64 bit with it which I intend on using :/.

Anyways just curious if I can get a bit more bang by spending 50 or so bucks over the D3SL/R. Should I wait for the abit board to come back in stock or is their other good options?
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  1. The best overclocker below $200 would likely be an ASUS P35 board.
    www.hardocp.com had some 500MHz+ FSB overclocks with quality RAM and an E6300. ASUS P5K Deluxe hit 505MHz.

    The 750i will take you to about 400MHz FSB (450Mhz if you're very lucky).

    At $200 you can get a Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4 but it's out of stock at newegg.

    Best (by least effort taken) to overclock :
    GA-EX38-DS4 (does 400MHz at stock so you likely won't overclock it at all).
    GA-EP35-DS3x (P/R/L)
    ASUS P5K (Pro/E/Premium) Premium is a revision of the Deluxe mentioned above
    Just about everything else

    On a side note : there's a thread http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/247026-11-e7200-0mhz-booya
    RoadRunner197069 took E7200 to 4.0GHz on a GA-P35-DS3L with good quality RAM but it takes some skill and quite a bit of effort to do that.
  2. alright thanks for the help think im going to pick up the asus deluxe. just gotta check to make sure my mem will work with it.


    gonna look for the qvl now, unless someone already knows here.

    blah actually not sure if im gonna pick up reading a lot of people saying 8800gts's end up blocking some sata ports.

    looks like I might have to wait for the DS4 or abit ip35 ~_~
  3. Why not just get the GA-EX38-DS4 and be done with it? :)
    Oh yeah. It's out of stock.

    You could also wait for P45 in 2-3 weeks.
  4. I use Asus P5K SE $90 and e7200/e8400 overclocks to 3.8/4.0 with elcheapo ram no problem.
  5. ^I thought you got better ram, since you said you were limited by it. :)
    There you go then.
  6. Gonna try better ram next go around. I sold the other setup.:)
  7. ^ I hope it was for a profit. :)
    I'm thinking of getting a E7300 if/when they come out in July(tax return).
  8. Ya me 2. 10x multi. Easy 4.0 at 1:1 with 800 ram. I cant wait. Gonna be my new build chip. Im selling about 1 system a week right now. Got 3 this week so hopefully thats a sign of whats to come. I would like to sell a minimum of 7 a week. I hope to sell 30 a week one day. Wish me luck.
  9. That's great. 30 might be difficult but yeah, GOOD LUCK!!!
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