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Hey I recently built a new computer and I have everything up and running great. However, I noticed that for games, music, well everything, it seems that my sound is cleaner and overall better when I have DSP off. Any reason for this happening? I know that DSP is to help take the load off the cpu so I'm still not sure why the sound is inferior when I have the option on.

Btw, I'm running a ASUS P5E motherboard with Vista 64 and a Q9450 cpu, and the soundcard is the one that came with the MB, a Supreme FX II. Using Soundmax Blackhawk program to configure my audio settings. I'm currently running 5.1 surround sound.
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  1. The more calculations that need to be done to generate a sound, the greater the chances of coloration or distortion of that sound. That applies both to onboard sound circuits and to dedicated sound cards.
  2. yea i suggest buying a fairly cheap discreet soundcard.
  3. yup the X-fi xtreme music should do, get it second hand off ebay for cheaps.
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