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Currently, I have an EVGA 7600GT. I got it for $80 a year and a half ago, and it has served me well for most of the games I have thrown at it. Recently, it hasn't been performing quite up to par, especially on Splinter Cell DA and Ghost Recon. I don't have much cash, so I'm looking for a card that's around $150, maybe leaning towards $200. So far, all I've seen in this price range is the 9600GT. Will this card play COD4 and all the new F.E.A.R. sequels, and maybe Crisis? I really like First Person Shooterss, and from my gaming experience 30fps is the lowest I can handle. Will the 9600 last at least a couple years of new games?
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  1. The 9600 would be an upgrade from the 7600, but I'd rather see you go for a 3870 from ati/amd or an 8800 card from nvidia. ( 512 memory )
  2. stick with $150 and get a 9600GT, it is an excellent card that will last for mid range for about 2 years.
  3. i jsut got an email from newegg where you can get the EVGA 8800GT 512MB for $189 BEFORE REBATE. It's $199 though if you aren't a newsletter subscriber, but damn there is a $30 MIR on top of that.
  4. The 9600 is a nice upgrade from your current card, but try to look for some cheap 8800GTs (make sure it's 512MB) because they are slightly better, but you find quite a few in the 9600GT price range.
  5. If GeekWorld is in the USA :) , and you don't mind rebates, this $110 9600GT would be nice for you.
  6. What PSU do you have.
    You need to make sure it can handle the upgrade.
  7. zenmaster said:
    What PSU do you have.
    You need to make sure it can handle the upgrade.

  8. Sorry I forgot to mention my system:
    Mobo: ECS P965T-A (I don't know if the pci-e is 2.0. I think that is a big problem if it isn't)
    PSU: FSP 450W (don't know the exact model at this moment)
  9. FSP makes a good PSU. DO you know what size 12V rails it has? the Amp rating? I think if you are leaving between $150-$200 just get a 8800GT and be done with it. Don't toy with the 9600GT or 3870. Just get the 8800GT it will last you longer. The EVGA mentioned above is an awesome deal, you should be able to easily OC it to 650 without any heat issues right out of the box. Or run stock, either way it's your best bet.

    There was a 450W on newegg from FSP and was a 14A and 13A, not sure if it was yours. But does it have a 6 pin PCI-E connector? I think the requirements are 400W thought. You might be good to go.
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