Raid 0 one disk reports itself as non-RAID

Greetings to you all, who will read this!
I am looking for advice with my crippled RAID 0.
I have got ASUS P5Q pro with RAID 0 field attached to ICH10.
Raid consists of two HDDs Maxtor 500 MB.
RAID was configured as two RAID 0 fields, Main 300,0 MB and data the rest cca 690MB.
System Vista 64 is on third HDD WD 300MB.
I was trying to install Hackintosh on WD HDD in separate partition, it was not working and I was not even able to boot in Vista. Using Acronis on Hirens boot CD my brother in law repaired that by overwriting as he has said WD HDD Vista partition so it could boot again. Vista boots now.
But now I have this problem.
Only one Maxtor is seen by RAID hardware as member of the RAID field during POST, though both Main and data parts with correct sizes are seen. The second Maxtor reports as non-RAID disk!
Intel Matrix storage manager informs me the same way - second Maxtor RAID disk is not available, it is reported as non RAID disk which is not initialized and has unallocated space
Any suggestion what can I do about it, so my second Maxtor would be seen as RAID disk again?
I badly need those data on that raidfield.
Is there some MBR - header on that second disk saying it is non-RAID, which can be repaired?
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    Rebuild Array...... in the configuration of the bios......
  2. shabaa said:
    Rebuild Array...... in the configuration of the bios......

    Are You sure that if I use the same parameters as on the first creation there is no risk of data loss?!
  3. So, it should be closed now.
    5000 sectors from beginning on the second Maxtor are zeroes, I delivered to firm, price for recovery cca 185 - 370 Euro. :cry:
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