Why is this XFX 8800gts 320 mb so much more $$?

Looking at Newegg:

MSI: $139
EVGA: $149
Zotac: $194

XFX: $289


^ That is the link there.

I just bought this card from a friend for $100 almost new. I'm still kinda confused though why it's so much compared to the others though.

Anyone know?
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  1. That's just the last price it went for at Newegg.
  2. People are dumb. Most people don't research the cards they buy and they purchase the old gts thinking its the new one. This causes the price to go up. Oh well, good marking strategy nvidia picking on the dumb people.
  3. Well I looked at nexttag and it was about the same price.

    Even Amazon is selling it for $220
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