Weird overclocking problem

OK, here's the deal guys.

when attempting to overclock on my new e5200+MSI P45 neo3-FR, i can't even get it stable at 240fsb (stock 200). I have disabled all the usuals (spread spectrum, C1E, EIST etc), left all voltages on auto AND tried them at 1.3+, all to no avail. Weirdly, every time it's about to crash, a fan somewhere in my system ever so slightly increases, then at the exact same noise level each time, CRASHES. :sweat:

I have a cheap thermaltake 430W that came with my case. In case it makes any difference, the mobo has a 4Pin "P4" connector, as does the psu, instead of a 8 pin "EPS12V" connector.

other specs are:
single WD 250gig HDD
single DVD drive
singe ghetto-attached case fan :kaola:

my dad thinks its some sort of psu problem... i really am at a loss.

opinions? questions? answers? :??:
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  1. I have always been told never skimp on a PSU always go for the best you can afford. Get a multi meter and stick the probs in the correct slots ATX power connector when attached to the mobo. If it gives out the wrong readings then thats your problem.
  2. well it was an extremely tight budget for a "filler-in" PC until dad felt like paying for my ultimate gaming rig :D... other psu's were more than double the price, and my system certainly does not use all 430W so... i fail to see how even at a lower cpu speed (240fsbx6 multi) it would use more power...
  3. Try lower your memory settings! maybe your mobo set it too high! mostly this is why the fsb overclock fails.
  4. a cheap 430w vs an expensive 430w psu can make all the difference
  5. nope, i set RAM at factory 1.8v, (also tried auto) and 5-5-5-15 (also tried on auto), in any case it auto'd the RAM to 480mhz, not 800 (i have manually changed it to 800 as well...) i really have tried to fix this extremely weird problem before coming here...

    i just don't see how the psu can be causing a problem... i mean even at 0% load it crashes, and surely that uses less pwoer than at stock while playing crysis for hours?

    i have also tried as i explained before running at a lower frequency which would use less power... i just fail to see how the psu could be the problem.

    btw, are there actually any expensive 430w's :lol:
  6. yeah, except it costs almost as much as my mobo and graphics card where i am...
  7. update: e5200 appears to be stable @ 3.0ghz... i had it there a while ago, then i tried 266, and it stuffed something up; couldn't get it back to 240 so...

    i will save the settings in a BIOS profile to make sure i will never lose it, and then go for 266 in an hour or two more small fft's :??: wish meh luck...
  8. another update: appears stable at 300x12.5 (3.75GHz), but it wouldnt even POST (screen just stayed black) at 333x12.5 (4.1GHz). i lowered the multi to 11x so it's now 333x11=3.66GHz. so clearly the mobo, RAM and PSU aren't holding me back... 11 or 11.5 are apparently more stable than 12.5x, so i'm hoping i will get a higher FSB with 11 or 11.5 to get my oc....

    btw temps on orthos are about 64-65 C both cores are the same. F@Hing is around 50 C so i'm not too worried. i don't really care what the temps are in orthos as they do not reflect real world values... i purely use it to see if it's stable.
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