8800GTS 640mb with fps drops from 300 to 2 !!!


Since a few weeks i have enormous fps lags when i play warcraft 3 for instance, my fps suddenly drops to 1 for like 30 seconds, and then back to the capped fps, 60.

Now i installed the BETA drivers of nvidia for the 8800GTS ( march the 27th, 2008) which is the most recent patch. Before i dld it i used the normal patch from december 2007, where i had the most lag with.

With this newer patch my fps didnt dropped to 2 anymore, but it dit lowered for a few fps.
Now i dont think warcraft 3: the frozen throne should have have lag with a 8800gts 640mb, Q6600 core2-quad 2.4ghz (x4)
and 4gb ddr2 ram.

Please help me out here! Thanks for your support.

Kind regards,
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  1. You're right, Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne should fly with your hardware. I used a 8800 GTS 640 in my last gaming computer, coupled with a FX60 and 2 gig of ram and never had a problem of low FPS. You might have a bad video card or a driver conflict. I used drivers that were out last summer without problem, but I can't remember which driver package it was.

    As for help, if you can, try a different video card and see if there's a difference. I was having troubles with very low frame rates with a card previous to the 8800 and the trouble was a bad card. I put in the 8800 GTS and the frame rates were where they should have been. Double check the BIOS to make sure you don't have a motherboard video running at the same time, cause that would make a conflict and drop frames rates. You might try updating the motherboard BIOS as well.

    Last, and this probably isn't the case, the PSU might not be supplying enough power, thus holding the 8800 back. Usually the machine will simply crash out if there's not enough PSU power, but sometimes it will try to run, although run very slowly.

    That's all I can think of at the moment.
  2. Not sure how old the game is but those series cards (320, 640mb GTS) are notorious for memory leaks and dropping fps. It was most noticable in games like COD and Medal of Honor that used the quake engine. Never looking into it if NV ever fixed the problem, sounds like they didn't. Good luck if there is a work around for warcraft 3.
  3. sdf said:
    Not sure how old the game is but those series cards (320, 640mb GTS) are notorious for memory leaks and dropping fps.

    Warcraft 3 is old enough that it only required a minimum 8mb card with DX8.1 and a recommended 32mb video card. A 8800 GTS 640 should run it with no trouble at all.
  4. Thanks for your fast response guys. Im going to run a virus scan on my pc tomorrow, switch my vid card and put a 550W Powersupply in my computer for the troubleshooting. Hm although sailer, you said that my vidcard might have to less power. I think this could be correct because i have an EVGA vidcard and this one requires 400W instead of the usual 350W. I also put another 2 gyg of ram into my Computer which also needs some extra power.

    I will post it here if i solve it! Thanks again for your help.
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