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Hi, I just finished my first system and for the most part all is working well. My one big complaint is that the fan on the graphics card (XFX 8800GT @ 625MHz stock) is insanely loud. I've read about people turning their fans up because they were locked at 30% or something and were overheating, but HWMonitor says mine is 46 degrees. Isn't there some sort of automatic throttling that can be enabled? My case has good airflow (Antec 900) so even if I had so lock it at say 45-50% I don't think overheating would be a problem for me, since I don't do that much gaming. I have no way of knowing what it is right now, but it sounds like its at least 80-90% (I have no basis for comparison though). I thought Rivatuner was supposed to be able to control the fan speed, but no matter what I set it to, the fan doesn't change speed. Any help would be awesome, as I'm starting to annoy my parents.
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  1. I have the same GPU as you and it's indeed very loud. I am not decided yet doing it but I might change the cooler on that card. Had I done my home work, I would have gotten a dual slot model.
  2. You should have a option of automatic fan control, or direct fan control, choose automatic, unless your gaming, then kick the speed up to where it is bearable, keep in mind the louder the better in your case.
  3. http://www.guru3d.com/article/article/449/3

    Or get an aftermarket cooler.
    I have a Zalman VF900 on mine. Set it and forget it. Quiet too.
  4. Use RivaTuner 2.08.

    You can use direct fan speed control - set it to 50% which will cool it okay and keep it quiet. Can also bump up the clocks on that too. Try 650 / 1650 / 950 as your starting point.

    I've got the 670 version. It had an issue when I got it whereby the fan was locked at 29%. GPU used to hit upwards of 100 degrees!

    I contacted XFX and got a BIOS flash. Now the card is quiet at idle and the fan ramps up to about 80% while gaming. Never goes above around 85 degrees on the GPU now. Try XFX support for an updated BIOS for yours also if you feel there might be a fundamental problem.
  5. If you bought one with this style fan, it only has a 2-pin fan and runs all the time at 100%.

    This fan should be variable RPM:

    What you can do with the 2 wire fan is run the fan at under 12v yourself, by making a harness that plugs into the stock fan and a normal mobo fan header on the other side (like a cpu or case fan). You can then hook it up to a zalman fanmate and run whatever rpm you want. I find that the cooler is good enough to run (the 8800GS)at a quiet RPM using a fanmate. And by making a harness, there is no splicing, so plug the fan back into the card and it's stock again.
  6. Thanks for all the responses. I do have Rivatuner, but like I said in my original post, I can't get it to actually change the fan speed. on the main page i click on 'Customize...' under 'Driver Settings' and click on the first option (System Settings). On the fan tab I can choose either direct or auto control, but under direct control, the only slider that is moveable is the 'performance 3d' slider. When I move it, the other sliders move with it. But even when I drop it down to 25%, and hit 'Apply', nothing changes, even after a restart. Is there some other option that I'm missing?

    @Maximus_Delta: You said you got new drivers from XFX... Is there anything newer than 169.32?
  7. I can't set my 9600GT fan speed lower than 35% in rivatuner, it will just "bounce" back to the previous setting. Try a setting over around 40% and see if it works. If not, try low-level fan control. If all else fails, you could BIOS mod the card. If even that fails, you are gonna have to mod the fan voltage manually.
  8. Riva Tuner wouldnt change my GT's fan speed either, but Ntune does (I had the opposite problem, locked at 30%) So now I crank it down to 50% when not using my pc and 100 when gaming.
  9. i have the evga 8800gt. fan was always at 29% which was silent but it would get hot while gaming. i created a few profiles, one for 2d mode with default clocks and 40% fan (still silent below 50%) and then another profile for gaming with 70% fan (now loudest component in pc) and a mild overclock. temps stay low. someone on net had a blog on how to setup the fan profiles. i followed that and worked perfectly. can't find link now though.
  10. zellett said:
    @Maximus_Delta: You said you got new drivers from XFX... Is there anything newer than 169.32?

    No it's not the nForce drivers I'm talking about this is actual card BIOS.

    It's an exe that flashes the card BIOS in the same way that you would update the BIOS on your motherboard.

    Happy to send you the file but mine is 670mhz version so might either not work or you'd have yours BIOS overclocked to 670 / 1650 / 975.
  11. tsd16 said:
    Riva Tuner wouldnt change my GT's fan speed either, but Ntune does (I had the opposite problem, locked at 30%) So now I crank it down to 50% when not using my pc and 100 when gaming.

    I am just curious, I am in the same situation as you and I have just downloaded Ntune. I have access to my GPU fan speed but when I am playing with the setting and adjust the speed at different levels, I can't hear anything happening. When you did it, was it obvious by the sound of the fan that something was happening ?
  12. I just got a message from XfX support telling me that's normal since the GPU model I have doesn't have a variable speed for the fan..... If that's the case then I might just go for the after market cooler.
  13. fatcat, read my post above as I mentioned that style fan is 100% and also a simple/cheap way to make it variable. I'll try and snap a pic of the harness I made for my XFX (or any fixed speed vga/chipset fan). If you are shooting for high overclocks, then an aftermarket cooler would be better. But at or near stock clocks that cooler is fine even with 9 volts or less going to it. I'll also measure the fan voltage I'm gaming at.
  14. So I just heard back from XFX support and they offered to send me a new model of fan thats supposed to be quieter. According to what pauldh said about the two models, I have the one with the variable speed already, so I'm curious as to what exactly they plan on sending.

    I had nTune installed, but it kept hogging the CPU, so I uninstalled it. I didn't try to adjust the fan using it though, so maybe I'll give it another try.
  15. I did a couple things just right now.

    I took apart the card and saw that it only has two wires going to the fan, so it doesn't seem like it could be variable speed (don't you need three wires: +, -, and throttle?). But the connector looks like it has room for 4 wires. Perhaps the one they'll send me has a third and/or a fourth wire.

    While it was apart, I noticed a small connector right next to where the SLI bridge goes. It looks like it might connect two wires to something. This isn't supposed to be used is it? I didn't get any other wires with the card, but it looks like it might be the right size for connecting to a Mobo fan connector/external fan controller. Anyone know what that is?

    I also downloaded GPU-Z, and it says my fan speed is whatever it is set to in Rivatuner; eg. If I set it to 63% in Rivatuner, GPU-Z immediately changes to 63-64% as well, but the fan itself does not. I don't know where GPU-Z gets its reading from, but it would have to be from somewhere on the card itself. My thought is that Rivatuner is in fact changing the speed setting, but the fan is stuck at whatever because it only has two wires and can't actually receive the setting. Make sense to anyone? Can I buy just the fan anywhere that has three wires?
  16. Weird, I had no idea they would skimp and stick a 2 pin fan into a reference 8800GT cooler. Yes, the typical 8800GT variable speed fan has a 4 pin fan cable. here is a pic of mine with the cooler removed.

  17. Oh, BTW yes your voltage/rpm reasoning sounds right. And if you are going to start replacing the cooler parts at your cost, I'd suggest a quieter better cooler altogether, something like the Zalman VF900-CU for example.
  18. Well, if they are going to send you a free fans it's worth a try. If they send you garbage you can always go buy an aftermarket cooler.
  19. Hey thanks for the picture. I can see that it should be four wires. I figure I'll wait and see what they send me. If its not right as well then I'll spring for an after market cooler. Anyone have recommendation that doesn't take up more than one additional slot? I saw the one pauldh suggested, looks like it might be worthwhile.
  20. Hey all, just thought you all might like to know that I got the replacement fam from XFX and it is as the one pauldh pictured: four wires instead of two. it now idles at 30% at 45 degrees, and while playing Oblivion the highest it got was 63 degrees. Thanks again for all the responses.
  21. Great to see it works! :)
  22. pauldh said:
    Oh, BTW yes your voltage/rpm reasoning sounds right. And if you are going to start replacing the cooler parts at your cost, I'd suggest a quieter better cooler altogether, something like the Zalman VF900-CU for example.

    If I purchase an after market cooler like the Zalman Vf 1000, does installing it automatically deactivate the fan that came with the GPU? Or do I have to manually remove it?
  23. This is what I was told by XFX customer support:

    The only 8800gt models that we can send variable fans for have part numbers of PV-T88P-YDxx. The PV-T88P-YHxx and PV-T88P-UHxx models are only 2 wire.

    Does this sound correct or is this guy blowing smoke?

    They have agreed to send me a cable that slows down the fan speed since mine will only run at 100% and Rivatuner doesn't work with it. Is anyone familiar with this cable and exactly how it slows down the fan?
  24. If your card has a 2 pin header, yes it sounds right. They could send you a new card with a 4 pin header. I have not seen their voltage limiter, but have made my own for many cards including the XFX 8800GS. Rather than a fixed voltage I like hooking up a variable speed device like the zalman fanmate.

    The fixed voltage limiters actually vary by the fan that is attached. Zalman has one that knocks their 80mm case fan to about 6-7 volts. I've seen others that are 9v. You can make our own whatever voltage you want. But I am not sure what voltage it will run.

    Unless you want to fight for a new card, I would take the adapter as it's hard to find an exact matching connector for those fans unless you make it yourself from a dead vga card or mobo chipset that uses the same size.

    here's zalman's basic one: Note, this fits a case/cpu fan with a larger connector, not your XFX fan connector. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowImage.aspx?CurImage=35-118-206-03.JPG&Image=35-118-206-03.JPG%2c35-118-206-05.JPG&S7ImageFlag=0&WaterMark=1&Item=N82E16835118206&Depa=0&Description=ZALMAN+ZM-F1+Case+Fan
  25. So do you think the cable they agreed to send me just steps down the fan voltage? The rep claims the fan will run slower (and quieter) with the cable. My concern is that it will overheat, but with a lifetime warranty (XFX) that is their problem.
  26. The way to make a fan run at a lower rpm and noise level is to feed it less voltage. That's what the variable speed ones do. So yes, their little dohicky basically takes the 12v and knocks it down to a lower constant voltage. I doubt it has a temp sensor and is variable.

    A few related links:

    You could rig that last one up yourself. Feed 5v in 2d and switch to 12v if needed. But I'd make XFX do it or at least supply the adapter.
  27. Try evga's Precision tuner. Very much like rivatuner except its much easier, has in game temp, clock, fps hud. Very cool.

    (google it)
  28. You can't use software like Rivatuner when you only have a 2-pin fan connector on the PCB. The most you can hope for is to lower the voltage so it runs at a lower speed and is quieter, but that still will not make it variable, or any more controllable.

    Thanks for the links and the info Pauldh. :sol:
  29. I received an 8800GT card with a non-variable fan from newegg. I contacted XFX and they basically told me that they'd be able to send me a replacement cooler for the card or I could send it in to them for them to do the replacement of the cooler for me. I told them to send me the cooler. It was an easy install, didn't take much time and now I don't hear obnoxious fan noise.

    Anyways, here is a scan of the instructions to replace the cooler to show how easy the replacement work is if anyone is interested...

    click to enlarge:

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