Need some expert assistance in overclocking a QX9650.

Please forgive my ignorance I'm new to the over-clocking world. I have a Gaming Rig which is factory over-clocked already. I was just wondering if I can squeeze a bit more out of my QX9650. I understand some of the mechanics of the procedure but scare to blow my CPU into the next century. Right now is over-clocked at 3.6Ghz and its pretty good. I get on 3D Vantage a score of P22114. But then again I have 2 GTX 280's on SLI. Any ways, I hope someone can help me out. I have messed around with the BIOS but never to the point really tweaking the CPU. Also, I come form the Mac world which over-clocking is nonexistence. My specs are as follows:

NOTE: I did try for 3.8GHZ by bumping the FSB to 1700MHZ. The computer boot up fine but when I ran Prime95 it immediately sensed a problem with the hardware. I'm sure I did something wrong.

CPU: Intel Quad Core Extreme 9650 @ 3.6 Ghz
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit
COOLING: Asetec liquid cooling
RAM: 4 Gigs of Corsair XMS DDR3 @ 1600 Mhz
MOBO: nForce EVGA 790i Ultra SLI
GPU(s): 2 EVGA Geforce GTX 280
AUDIO: OnBoard Realtek High Defenition
PSU: SilverStone 1200 PSU for SLI
HD 1: 2 150 Western Digital Raptors in Raid 0 configuration
HD 2: 1 250 Western Digital for backup
CASE: CoolerMaster 832 case (Black) Skull Motif

My Core Voltage is now at 1.368V
Multiplier: at x.9.0
Bus Speed: 400 MHZ
Rated FSB: 1600 MHZ

Memory Timings are 7-7-7-20 at 1.5V

Thank you in advance.

Fernando (aka) submicron
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  1. read this before you do anything else
    That will give you a general idea of how to overclock. If you still have any questions after going over that come back here for more specific help

    Also you should note that the only place that you will see a difference between 3.6 and 3.8 GHz is in the synthetic benchmarks, you probably wont see any real world increases
  2. How much did you pay for that "Factory" system?
  3. Like $7000! I just wanted see if I could bumped further. I know 3.8 is not really worth it. Besides This thing is fast as it can possibly be at its current setting.
  4. Thanks kyeana. I appreciate the good gesture but I already have that information. In fact I got that info off a MAXIMUM PC issue sometime back. I guess I can always consult with my builder.
  5. Ouch you got skrewd 7grand..i would have built what it looks like you have for 4kmax. anyways

    DON'T OVERCLOCK NONONONO you poured to much into the system to go and fk it up be satisfied. Thats plenty fast you will see no improvement in real world apps. just synthetic marks like vantage. you e-p33n is big enough.

    Beside it will most likely void the warranty on your system...don't want that now.
  6. 7 grand?


    As others have said, I wouldn't push it any farther. It's fast enough, and you have a warranty.
  7. I will take everyone's advise here and stick with the current factory over-clocked speed. Too bad I can't post images of the rig here. Thank you all for your kind replies.
  8. yer, you can post images here... just get a photobucket accoutn or something... any of those cloud computing photo websites will do. then copy the whatever URL and paste that here! :D
  9. I agree that you should probably leave it alone since you wouldn't want to void a warranty on a system you paid $7K for.

    However, since it is a QX9650 with the fsb already set to 400mhz, it'd be very easy to push a little further. Just increase the cpu multiplier to 9.5 to get 3.8Ghz or 10 for 4Ghz. Of course you should test it with prime95 small ffts for stability and make sure the temperature is still not too high.
  10. I know. I did try 3.8 thou. Everything boot it up fine, but testing with Prime95 it detected a problem right away. It said something was wrong with the hardware. Mind you what I did was bump up the FSB to 1700MHZ and that was probably the problem. Now, you mentioned setting the multiplier at 9.5... how is that you do that? Because the multiplier does only increments 8, 9, 10 etc.
  11. PICS want pic!!!!
  12. if ure not increaseing any voltages then any fsb or multi changes will most likely not void your warenty.

    you will not notice any speed differences between 3.6 and 3.8, you will only notice a speed difference when you hit 4ghz plus. and that requires you to mess with more than vcore for your cpu.
  13. I never mess around with any voltages. The builder took care of that. Like I said someone mentioned you can change the multiplier to 9.5 but the multiplier just goes up and down in 8, 9, 10. Sorry for the pics I will try getting some.
  14. submicron said:
    I never mess around with any voltages. The builder took care of that. Like I said someone mentioned you can change the multiplier to 9.5 but the multiplier just goes up and down in 8, 9, 10. Sorry for the pics I will try getting some.

    Each motherboard will call it something different to add the 0.5 multiplier for the wolfdale cpus. For yours, it looks like it's called "cpu n/2 ratio" in the bios.
  15. Ah, so that's where it was. Thank you. By the way for those who wanted to see some pics of the rig. Here's the link:
  16. 4.2-4.4ghz with air is what i shipped last

    what junk for 7k
    you should have 7-7-7 timings and 4.2ghz min

    amazing what junk the big guys put out

    by the way they paid $3200 for it
  17. sorry to be so crude but when i see 9-9-9 timings on 7k system - who ever did it is clueless

    boost your ram to 1.9v give or take .2
    try 7-7-7 at 400fsb

    change your multipler to 11
    lower the speed to 4.2ghz with good cooler
    pm me you can call me i walk you through it! lol!

  18. Well, I may a mistake on the timings . It's actually 7-7-7-20. Any ways thanks for your thoughts. Either way this is a custom built system. Also, I purchased this rig months ago.
    If you looked at my pics you see its a very clean job. Not too mention It kick the **** out of many systems in here. I don't really care about the Christmas light effects. The guys who built this rig are gamers and enthusiasts and very knowledgeable at what they do. Another comment I took note here was the fact that not all chips are create equal. This system is rock solid. I design with it and play all the games out there with all the eye candy up without breaking a sweat. Thanks everyone.
  19. i know who they are - boy am i an a-hole when first wake up! lol!

    nice rig! but....

    first off that is a really low end water cooler - i use that on $1200 pc

    second pulling all the wires through the top and throwing audio cable wrap does make a nice look but hiding cables is nicer - cables could have pulled through the side and bottom on $7k rig

    this is $5k rig

    i really aplogizing for getting in a debate about your system, i only ment that a $7k system should have shipped at 4.3ghz
    that water cooler is not as good as an air cooler - if those people really knew about how to build a killer gamer then they would have used a proper water cooling system.

    slapping some skulls on the side does not constitute a good rig. again, i ship a $3200 system at 4.2ghz and i am willing to tell people for free how to do it. who built your pc does not understand a $80 water cooler is poor choice for $1100 cpu.

    1) remove that water cooler and instal a thermalright 120 - the water cooler will not handle over 3.8ghz that is why is set there
    2) set your voltage to 1.45 try with out load cal locked up to 1.475 - droop should be above 1.44v

    then set the bus to 380 and the multiper to 11

    you do not want the voltage over 1.5v - it will degrade the cpu slightly
  20. Man, maybe then you should've built this rig. BTW when I said the system was $7000 grand is because I had a similar rig not as fast. That one was only $2800. To make a long story short the rig was set on top a computer desk that couldn't support the weight. 3 grand down the drain. Yes, I know stupid and careless thus making this rig $4200. I should've mentioned that earlier. You seem to be an expert at in this field so I can argue with you. Its funny the HP Black Bird uses the same Asetek liquid cooling system. Then again I don't **** about none of this. Even at $4300 the system should've been over-clocked a bit more. I would install a better CPU liquid cooler the problem is that I really not too familiar with the procedure. I did installed an Asus air cooler once on my old Q6600. That was pretty easy. Mind you I've never done anything like that before. Like I mentioned before I come from the Mac end of the spectrum. Thank you for your feedback.


    P.S. No offense taken.
  21. My apologies for saying that your system looked like a Christmas tree. I do like lights its pretty much give the rig the last touch. The thing is on my old rig I had the computer on the right side of the desk and the lights where radiating my eye balls. It was freaking me out. LOL.

    Also, take into account that everything inside the case is supposed to be black. Is all esthetics. Oh, and the skull is not slap on the side is laser edged. Now that you mentioned all of these things I will consult with my builder to check if I really got some cheap ass after market cooler here. Perhaps you are right and did get screwed??? LOL.
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