Computer Freezes after about 20 Min.

I have this reoccurring problem with my computer. This started about 1 day ago.
First I have Windows Xp/ Windows Vista. Each have their own seperate harddrives. Xp is a 120 GB, Vista 40 GB.

When I boot my computer up into Windows XP, It will work fine for about 10 - 15 minutes then is seems like it gets a little sluggish. It takes a little bit to load to the next internet explorer screen or load any programs. Then all of the sudden it will just freeze up. It will not respond to any thing, The cursor will still move around but I cannot click on anything. If I do click really fast the whole screen will lock up and I cannot move the cursor and A constant noise will be coming from the tower "kinda loud buzzing noise". Then I must manually reboot the computer and the whole ordeal will happen again.

If I boot into Vista, "which I am currently on" I do not get any issues or problems, Everything runs fine and well and I have no issues.

This is why I figured it was from the 120GB harddrive.

I have a Dell XPS 410
About 2 or so years old
Intel Core 2 CPU
2.00 GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT

I went into XP and did a command prompt with chkdsk and chkdsk /f. It took about an hour for chkdsk /f but it didn't come up with anything. (checking for bad blocks)

If anyone has an idea of what may be going on or a way to fix this issue please reply.
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  1. If you don't have any problem with vista, then a software problem (e.g a virus) is the cause..I suggest updating your anti-virus software and making a full HDD scan, or better; format your XP disk and install a fresh version.
    If the problem occurs in Vista as well (but that's not what you said) then it's probably an overheating issue.
  2. I have done multiple scans with Malware-bytes Anti-malware. Recently there were a lot of files, about 93 Hkey registry files or whatever they are that would not delete with Malware bytes. I then ran Combofix and did a system restore to last thursday and the problem no longer showed up. So I don't think it is a virus problem, unless you have a better tool that might detect something I am missing.

    Does anyone think it could be a corrupt harddrive or that there may be an issue with the harddrive. Or anything else?

    Also if I must reformat the harddrive, is there anyway I can save important files?
  3. I also tried sfc /scannow which was working but by the time I needed to place disc 2 in the computer froze which caused me to have to manual reboot. I really wish I could figured this issue out.

    Any help?
  4. It could be a faulty or overheating hard drive. Watch the temps and the SMART status (HDD health) using HD tune for example, and see if it reports anything. I remember having such an issue with an old drive that felt terribly hot on touch and it turned up to be the cause for the hang-ups..
    If I were you I'd format the disk, and if no good, replace it.
    To save your files, locate and copy them using vista to the other HDD..Simple. After format replace them in their original location..
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