Proposed new build, imput appreciated!

hello all, im attempting to try out my first build in a few years, so you can imagine alot of things have changed in hardware since then..
The main purpose of the machine will be for gaming, with the usual web browsing/music stuff on the side, so performance components is what im after.
I want to try and OC to around 4Ghz or beyond

Would appreciate any advise/comments on the following components/questions...

-Case: Altec Nine Hundred

-PSU: Silverstone DA750

-CPU: Intel C2D E8400 (would the E8500 be a better choice for OCing? or do they max out at around the same level?)

-Mobo: GA-EX38-DQ6 (does the X48 chipset yield any advantages over this chipset? which is better for OC?)

-RAM: Corsair TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF - PC2-8500 4GB Kit 5-5-5-15 (this is where im really stuck... will this choice of ram limit my OC ability since its rated at 1066Mhz? i heard there is DDR2 1200Mhz ram available, would that be a better choice for OC? if so what brands?)

-GFX: nvidia 9800GX2 (i have noticed there is around $50AUD difference between a few brands? they dont differ in performance brand to brand do they? or is it just the extras in the box that makes the price difference?)

-HDD: Seagate ST3500320AS 500GB 32MB cache ( i just read the review for the WD 640GB SE16, would this be a better choice?)

-SoundCard: X-Fi Xtreme gamer Fatality Pro (not really important, just wondering if it is possible to connect front panel audio to this device?)

-CPU Cooler: TR Ultra-120 eXtreme (ive been hearing this cooler is the way to go, is it better than the IFX-14 which seems to be a touch more expensive?)

-FAN: Additional fans for case / cpu cooler - Antec fans

Any help/comments appreciated
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  1. First off, every chip is different even if they are the same make & model. You can't use the same settings/parameters to get the same results from 2 different chips, say, 2 e8400s.

    Now that's out of the way. Whether a cpu can be maxed out to another or not depends on your parameters (parts, bios), conditions (cooling), skills and luck. Yes, overclocking is luck of the draw. If you're lucky, you get one of the best chips. Otherwise, you might have to increase the voltage & change some other settings to get similar results.

    i.e. Jonny got an e8500, but couldn't get it past 4ghz stable whereas Timmy cranked the e6850 to around 4ghz.

    If you want to overclock Wolfdales, look no further than Intel chipsets. The best would be X48. Also most expensive. X38 can do about the same job for less. You picked out the right board for the job.

    I think you understand best bang for the buck. Otherwise, you would've gone with an extreme cpu for over $1000 US a piece.

    Now you might want to rethink your cpu cooling if 4ghz+ is your goal. Australia is a warm place. Watercooling might be the better way.

    The ram is good for overclocking. Lotsa headroom there.

    9 x 600 = 5.6Ghz theoretically

    It can be done with LN2/DICE/Phase. Def. not air/water/TEC.

    No, the stock 9800GX2 cards don't differ in speed, but warranty. EVGA would be best, but I don't know if they do Australia. You have to check out their website.

    However, if you're talking about factory-overclocked cards, they differ in speed. Look at the specs for details. EVGA, BFG, XFX overclock their cards at the factories. They are faster than stock/reference cards. That translates into more heat & noise.
  2. FrankCastle said:

    -CPU Cooler: TR Ultra-120 eXtreme (ive been hearing this cooler is the way to go, is it better than the IFX-14 which seems to be a touch more expensive?)

    The IFX-14 is a better performer by something like 3-5 degrees C. Also, and this is just my observation, if placed in the 900 I think the IFX-14 would be far ahead the TRUE, as the top fan would pull the heat from the secondary cooler and the primary one as well.
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