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I am trying to set up a cod5 beta server as practice for the retail release. I have the server set up just fine. The problem is no players can see the server or join when i invite them.

Network specs:
Comcast Cable internet - 6Mb download /1.1Mb upload
Comcast supplied cable modem - Motorola Surfboard SB1500
D-Link Router Dl-524, version C1, firmware version 3.23.

server specs:
Pentium D 920
2G DDR2 667
nvidia 7600GT 256M DDR3
netgear FA311v2 network card
windows xp HE sp3 - new install - windows firewall OFF.

I set up a static IP per:

I have set up a virtual server per:

still, no one can join.

Does anyone have any tips?

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  1. Can you connect to the server from a machine thats on the same subnet? Or is it only machines outside the firewall that can't connect?
  2. I can connect to the server from my game pc. players outside my home network can not connect.
  3. It's definitely a problem with your port forwarding then. Can you specify what ports to listen on in the server software? Are you sure your forwarding the correct ones?
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