HDD Ticking/Clicking

My 200 GB WD HDD started making ticking/clicking noise recently(bought my desktop 3 years ago).
It has 4 partitions as below with multi boot option
partition 1 vista
partition 2 xp prof
partition 3 only data
partition 4 only data

inititally vista gave me ticking noise, after 2 or 3 days it failed to boot,
but when i selected xp prof option, it is booting, so i thought let me figure it out later,
but immediately in next 2 or 3 days, ticking noise followed by xp failed to boot.

more troubles started now..,
I bought new Seagate 1TB and connected it alone, able to install vista successfully,
this part is fine in the whole episode,
i thought let me connect my old hdd and copy data from partition 3 and 4, but whenever
i connect my old hdd, it is not booting at all, it just hangs at BIOS prompt,
it is neither booting to new hdd nor going to BIOS configuration even when i pressed F2,
i can boot to new hdd (with vista) only when old hdd
is not connected. couldn't able to figure it out why so.

Two days passed away, now new hdd(with vista) started making ticking noise surprisingly, and in the next couple of hours
vista crashed to blue screen saying kernel or hardware failure, tried to boot it alone, same problem as with old hdd.

now both hdd are not bootable at all by themseleves.

Biggest surprise for me is why can't i go to BIOS configuration at all !!!

I notied that there is an update for BIOS in pc manufactures web site, now i doesn't know how to update BIOS

I'm looking for help now on what options now i have here.
I badly need some help here to get files in partition 3 & 4 and on my vista desktop
BOth of my hard disks are of SATA.

On the other threads, i saw like, there could be PSU problem, so i tried by remoing cd,dvd dries and video card, still same.

Thank you so much

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  1. Unfortunately, it seems your hard disk has crashed. Stop trying to access it or you may cause further damage. Do you have any back-ups of your data? You may have to consider getting a data recovery service.
  2. Updates OP?
  3. For everyone. Hard disks are not forever and physical spent their axes tends to create imbalance of the disk at its center, when start the wear and imbalance , starts errors in the startup section. When this has happened begins, creates the disk blink, whether they work today and not tomorrow. Consequently, when this occurs we choose to replace the disk and that the backup is something that we all know since we bought a computer where I recommend using Norton Ghost and domain for backup. That's why everything that has happened in the different partitions that has started to fail sequentially. The disc may continue to operate for an indefinite time but for purposes of data and this does not work. data is usually more important than the value of a hard disk.
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