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After a sudden power-cut, Im stuck with High-level ATA password locked disk, not frozen, with master password unchanged from the default.
I should be able to un-protect and disable security in 2 steps if I had the master password. The problem is that the various default passwords I have found around the net are not working( 32 spaces, nothing entered, “administrator”, “default”, “password” all in lower cases and capitals).

Do you know any common master passwords for a Hitachi Disk (HTS548040M9AT00)?

I am sorry in advance for abusing you like that, but a quick reply with a link/attachment would take 1 minute for someone who knows the answer but waste the whole HDD+FILES for me :(
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  1. IIRC, the password is all spaces.
  2. didnt seem to work :( it actually gave me the same error message as when I typed anything (32 random characters). Does this behaviour ring any bells? "HD X Lock" gave me all the info I mention above.
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