Bad BIOS flash, no post, no display!! P5B Deluxe

I'll try to stay calm.

OK, I made something very stupid yesterday. I tried to update my BIOS on my P5B Deluxe mobo to permit installing my new Q6700 from my E6600. I was on version 614 and tried to installed the new 1226 one.

So to resume, I first took note of my old settings, load the default ones, and restart going into EZ Flash 2 by pressing Alt-F2 at start-up. My BIOS was on a USB key but it wasn't detected. Only the DVD reader was.

Here's comes the STUPID part. Instead of burning the BIOS on a CD, I started Windows and tried updating from Asus Update.... after disabling my Kaspersky AV of course. It erased my 614 BIOS without problems, installed the 1226 one without problems also, but it couldn't verify the install after. It told me to try again but upon starting Asus Update again, I was told that no BIOS had been found and it crashed. I did it about 10 times alwayd with the same results.

So I was left with no choice but to restart hoping for the best. At restard I didn't even get a beep if my memory is right (from panic let me tell you). All seemed to be working, but there was absolutly no display on my screen. Since it was already 1:00 at night, I shut down my PC and went to bed. Now I'm at work and I searched a bit of info before posting here.

From what I've seen, I think I should first clear the CMOS battery and put the jumper also for it. After that (or before) I should install a floppy. With the floppy I made at work this morning (with the 1226 BIOS install as p5bd1226.rom), I should restart the PC with the floppy disk in and let the BIOS announce a bad checksum from the unerasable part of the BIOS and let it search for a new BIOS from a floppy. I might take a real long time I've been told. It should then installl the new BIOS to replace the corrupt (missing?) one!

Otherwise, should I get a new P5B Deluxe mobo to switch it and just RMA my old one? Will it bbe recoverable at all?

Let me if I'm right and what exactly I should do.... OH!!! For the other ones reading this, don't do like me (this is being STUPID and not listening to the loud ringing alarm bell in your head because it's late and you're tired)... don't guess updating your BIOS will go flawlessly like I did!!! First and last time for me.

To make a mistake is not so bad, what is is not learning from it!!!!
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  1. Same thing happened to me on a P5K last week.

    I had the stupid idea of lashing thru Windows which I usually never do.

    I tried the Bios recovery option thru disquette, usb, etc but never got it to work since it seems I had no BIOS at all and not a corrupted one.

    Had to RMA the board.

    Hopefully you get the BIOS to activate its recovery mode but doesnt seem likely.

    I tried the battery CMOS reset but didnt do a thing because it aint a parameter issue bbut most likely it erased the BIOS without writing a new/valid one
  2. Since the company likely won't cover your mistake under warranty, RMAing the MB may cost you money. Normally you can just order a replacement BIOS chip from the manufacturer (or from a few small-scale BIOS vendors online), and swap out your current BIOS chip with the new one. After that, you should be good to go.
  3. lol... not his fault the Flash utility sh!t itself. I don't consider it a mistake if the utility is at fault, which from what NightlySputnik explains, it is the utility's doing. RMA the damn board and just say it doesn't boot.

  4. I already got a new P5B Deluxe. So, if I can (after clearing CMOS with both jumper and battery removal) flash my BIOS again, I'll have a new mobo to put in my old cpu (E6600). If I can't, I'll just use my new mobo... hoping that the BIOS is recent enough!

    Anyway, from what I read until now, I should be able to reflash through a floppy disk. I'll sure let you know.
  5. Similiar problem and similiar stupidness happened to me . I flashed my bios via asus utility in windows environment then it can't reboot . Bios was blank no screen no keyboard no beep sound (when I check with removed ram) .

    I have an internet cafe and I have same bios mobo with other machines.

    And I thought if I could flash in windows environment so the machine don't use bios after boot.

    After this conclusion , I decided to make a big , serious and mad operation.

    I have painted tweezers ends with nail polish and isolate the tweezer while removing bios chip during pc working saking from short circuit.

    Then I went to the another PC (WHICH HAS SAME MAINBOARD) which has no problem and I started to apply bios update procedure via floopy . When I came to the update step , I got the painted tweezers and removed bios chip very carefully and replaced it with flashed /corrupted/ damaged bios chip ( be very careful the right position and right contacts very serious job you can loose your pc ) then I updated the bios .

    Shut down the pc with F1 then everything is fine . The bios chip is usable , booting as normal .

    I removed the treated chip to the its Pc and put the removed working one to the place .

    Thats all .

    This is like a serious operation of a doctor . If you don't have another way this is another way.
  6. Yes, kai, you are a brave and skilled PC surgeon!
  7. Bravo Kaizener! I wish I had your talents.

    For all others who are thinking about Flashing through Windows, DO NOT DO IT!!! Use EZ Flash or AFUDOS. IF you want to downgrade your BIOS, use an Engineering Edition of AFUDOS to downgrade any AMI Bios.

    To to OP, Don't worry, RMA it and they'll send you a new one.
  8. Without reading the entire post... did you read page 4-8 of the user manual? It indicates that there is a USB option for BIOS recovery...
  9. I used that windows based flash utility and it wiped out my bios as well. I thought I'd post this here to help anyone looking for a recovery method. After some research I made a cable to connect to the motherboard and was able to flash the bios from another computer. Details here:
  10. Connect the laptop to another external display and you will see that the bios is corrupt and it needs you to put a usb or cd rom withh the bios file, i have the same problem now. but i cannot find a .bin for my bios.
  11. It is bad idea to flash your bios without a backup.It is like selling guns without license. I also tried to update my bios of Intel MB.when i tried i erased the bios and before having the update file i restarted my computer.Then my bios was crashed and the system is not booting.Then i removed the bios from the mb.After that my MB is totally dead.No display.No booting.i am in a big trouble.please suggest if any solution.
  12. Why do ya'll keep resurrecting this thread? mondo1287 resurrected this thread after 1 year, darknight another 3 months later, and now you h_prosenjit2007 have resurrected this thread over 2 years later. You really should just created a new thread of your own.

    But just to give you closure, if you deleted your BIOS, then I dont think there's anything you can do. Your board might have some sort of BIOS recovery option but I don't know. As far as I know, you'll have to take your BIOS chip that you removed from your board and flash it using an external device that can flash standalone BIOS chips. Or, you might be able to buy another BIOS chip for your board that has a BIOS on it and just install into your board where you removed your dead BIOS chip. Otherwise, you can try to RMA your board or you'll have to just buy a new motherboard.
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