System freezes, BSOD, install problems after RAM upgrade

Recently I upgraded from some corsair value ram to g.skill and my system has been instable since, especially in WoW. Getting complete lockups, BSODs, random restarts, and nothing is downloading or installing without NSIS errors or just errors saying it cannot read the file, etc. I have tried everything I can think of including playing with different slots , clearing CMOS, and loosening timings. its supposed to be at 2.5-3-3-6 at 2.6-2.7V but that did nothing, loosening the timings to 4-4-12 or leaving everything on auto was no help either. I only have a basic understanding of memory timings but I'm not so sure thats the issue anymore, any advice would be great, if u need additional system info let me know

BFG 8800GT
Rocketfish 700W PSU
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  1. Download memtest86+ (available as a bootable CD or floppy image) and see if you get any errors. If you do, contact g.skill support for an RMA replacement under warranty.
    You may also have to reinstall (or do a "repair install") of Windows, as your system files may have become corrupted.
  2. if the ram is not working as advertised, rma it or replace it.
  3. I tried reinstalling windows with the new ram, installed fine but i get problems later on like with games especially. I ran memtest for 4 hours and it had no errors. Also, when I try going back to my old ram now that does the same thing. Im at a loss for what this could be and hope its not the board.
  4. If the problems are only showing up with the games it would seem more likely that it was a video card issue. I would check that
  5. it is not only in games but seems to happen the fastest in them. ill get a bsod just on the web, its actually more random. I dont get though how i can still have all the same problems going back to my original configuration. Everyting was fine up until the ram upgrade, so something was set off from all that. Ive reinstalled windows a few times, updated drivers, checked all my connections, cleared cmos for about 10mins, no matter what i do the problem isnt going away.
  6. You Sir are dead on that it is the ram.

    I had the same exact problem on my Gigabyte EP35C-DS3R w/ Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 Ram.

    the BSOD would happen fastest with games.

    I will tell u i swapped out HD's video cards and even my PSU to guarentee it was my memory, (i didnt have another pair of memory to put in:( )
    it turns out both sticks of my memory where the issue, both of whitch where individually tested and i later bought some kingston Hyper X and it solved all my problems:)

    So good luck my friend, RMA that shizzle:(

  7. I have this similar problem, but it feels really random. I ran a memory test, no problems, but it'll randomly crap out on me. Sometimes I can run Supreme Commander for 3 hours without a problem... sometimes I'll walk away from the game for 2 minutes and it's crapped out, or giving the BSOD. Sometimes it happens 5 minutes after turning on the computer while I'm surfing the web or listening to an MP3... I can't figure anything except that it's the RAM... or a bad mobo... <shrug> The randomness of the BSOD's and restarts has me confused.
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