Setting up OS on PCI linked RAID card?

Hello All,

I am currently running a setup on a GIGABYTE GA EP45 UD3R motherboard. I have 6- 1TB hard drives that I want to run in a raid 0 setup. I can configure it this way using the raid card on the motherboard... However, I am curious - If I wanted to install the Vista 64-bit OS on a 74GB RAID-1 controller PCI card, is it possible to install the OS like this?

Basically I want it to be like this in the end - 6TB RAID-0 HDD for data hooked up to SATA RAID card on motherboard and 74GB RAID-1 HDD for OS and program files set up on PCI card hooked up to the motherboard. Is this possible?

I hope this makes sense.
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  1. I'm not sure if what you're proposing is possible, but six drives in a RAID-0 sounds too much for me. Do you need really really really fast hard disk access?
  2. Access time would be horrible with six disks, and talk about the chances of 1 of them Not sure why anyone would need that many drives in RAID 0.
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