LCD display on Antec's HTPC case

Hi folks. I'm thinking about building a HTPC and I came across this case:
Antec Black Veris Fusion Black 430 Micro ATX Media Center / HTPC Case

It has an LCD display on it. I've never build a PC w/ an LCD display. Where would I plug this in? Do I need to buy a mobo with a special connector? Do I need drivers or other software to make this thing work? What kind of info would be displayed on thie LCD?

Thanks in advance for any comments... especially from people who have actually built a PC using this LCD display.
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  1. There are tower cases with led displaying stuff like temperature and fan speed. Nothing really so complex that it require software though.
  2. The connector in my Ahanix case is a parallel port connector that connects to the LPT port. That case is pretty old though, and I suspect you'll get a USB connection with the case. You will most likely be able to plug it in internally, but maybe on the rear.

    With Media Center, you'll see the current media that's playing, or the title of the TV show, along with the play time.

    Most cases will come with the driver you need, or you can download it.
  3. That Antec case appears to have the same Soundgraph iMon LCD display that many other recent HTPC cases have (including mine). For this iMon LCD, it connects via internal USB. No special headers are needed other than a free internal USB connection.
  4. First off, that's not an LCD display, it's an VFD (vacuum florescent display). Make sure you see some screen shots with the display on to make sure it's what you think it is. Good luck. Wish I had some extra money to spend on a HTPC case right now. :)
  5. Actually, it really is LCD. VFD is like what you see on most microwave ovens, VCR's, and DVD players. The iMon comes in both flavors.

    Here's some pics that show the difference, straight from the Soundgraph website-

    The iMon VFD:

    and iMon LCD:

    The Antec Fusion has the latter (LCD) as its front display:

  6. Well, the pictures in newegg show VFD and the specifications say LCD, so yeah.
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