HP Pavilion Media Center m8400f

Is it feasable tho remove the guts from this computer and install them in a new case allowing for better expansion?
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  1. I don't see why not, I am making some assumptions though:

    I assume it's an ATX or microATX mobo, and an ATX power supply.

    You may have some issues with a blanking plate though, in so much as it may not have one!

    I'd also be a bit wary of this machine with it's nForce 430 chipset...
  2. It seem to have a mATX motherboard so it should be able to fit in any ATX case.

    Just measure the motherboard to be sure. A mATX mobo is 9.6" x 9.6".
  3. Yes perfectly just buy any one of newegg or other but make sure the PSU dimensions are the same.
  4. it might have proprietary front panel connectors
  5. It also might not have a backing plate if the case has it built in?

    I know I've come across them like that before...
  6. appreciate the input thanks
  7. In doing so with the whole moving of the board and everything I've found out the hard way that my optical drive won't funtion properly. but then again I blew away all that HP crap to make it just a Vista Home Premium 32-bit box but now its giving me problems with listenin to cd's and rippin them. anybody have any solutions to my problem? i've been lookin through forums and such for awhile now
  8. I was just curious if it would be possible to move the mobo / dual HDD's and the Optical Drive to a Coolermaster Elite 310 Case?
    The pieces I have changed are:
    PSU: Retail Plus 465W
    GPU: The BFG NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT OC 512MB
    Sound Card:AuzenTech X-Studio 5.1 Sound Card

    I was also wondering if the motherboard would have enough connections for 1 set of Acrylic Case Feet, 2 Cooler Master Case Fans, a Temperature Gauge & Fan Speed Controller, 2 Meteor Lighting Kits, and a Silenx iXtrema Pro Direct Touch CPU Cooler ??

    If someone could respond to my question I would greatly appreciate it!

    If I have posted this into the wrong section, or revived a dead topic out of my own stupidity I apologize in advance. You are more then welcome to move / delete the post I have made. This forum is the ONLY one I have been able to find, in the 3 hours of searching, that talks about my current PC.

    Thanks in advance! :D

    ~Edit: Broken Link =(
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