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HI I've just noticed that when I play [clip of a video] and press full screen it goes blank.? anyone have any ideas
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  1. Try playing the video with 1/2 or 3/4 screen. instead of full screen. Use the mouse to enlarge the window instead of clicking full screen.
    You may be overloading the processor, and it drops out when you play full screen.
    This has happened before, when a single core processor has too many applications running at the same time. The processor just can't handle it all at once.
  2. thanks ' for help I've just recently put Adobe active X flash player on computer
    and I think this is what was cause of problem. When I went on full screen it went blank
    so I right click on mouse get[ active x box with details ] but you can't access because
    screen is blank. So go back small screen get into menu find Acceleration box is ticked, unclick this [ just messing about] then find I have full screen. anybody had that one.
  3. wilkypot said:
    anybody had that one.

    Not personally but anything can happen in an XP SP2 system from now on because security patches won't be shipped to systems through Automatic Updates unless they have SP3 installed. That means all those fake security utilities that are creeping in disguised as Firefox and Adobe updates can cause havoc.

    Oh and Soundguruman, I'm not looking for an argument over this - the advice factual and is for the OP and others to note and be aware of - I already know your views on this one. :D

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