Hi-grade va250d and broadcom mini pci wlan card

Hi peeps! Im in the process of enabling a laptop for wi-fi 54g connection, the laptop is a hi-grade va250d and the wireless mini pci card by broadcom, specifically its a bcm4318 card i believe got 3 drivers for it, one being microsoft own and two versions of broadcom own drivers, now it has worked once before, during one session of the laptop being turned on and stayed on if reboot/shutdown, its come up with a problem code 10 can not start, have both anntenna connectioned attached properly (m) for main and (a) for aux firmly connected, and still not will not work still says code 10 device can not start, no matter which drivers use, its vista home basic on the machine, any ideas would be grately recieved, the laptop will be used with a new bt home hub, but for test purposes using a netgear dg834g v2 wireless router. any suggestions advice would be grately apricated thanks.

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  1. If the wireless adapter was not installed as standard by Hi-Grade there may be an exclusion in the BIOS -- though this would be unusual for a smaller computer supplier as that sort of trick is usually restricted to biggies like Dell, Apple and HP.

    It may be worth talking to Hi-Grade anyway as they may have encountered your problem before.
  2. Can you try updating the firmware of your bcm4318 card?
  3. <snip> ive checked the bios there is no possible way in the laptop to set or change anything to do with wireless in there and as for contacting the manufacturer, we sent an email about a week ago and they have not responded yet.
  4. <snip> as for updating the firmware of the card ive no idea how would that be done? Considering it gives code 10 device can not start in the device manager.
  5. Just to clarify my point about exclusions -- it's based on my own experience with Dell -- trying to replace failed CD units from laptops sometimes works but some models will refuse to recognise anything but a Dell-supplied drive -- which is annoying because the drives are usually made by Teac or Samsung anyway. Clearly something has been added to the basic BIOS to frustrate one -- and there's no way that changing any setting in the BIOS would help.

    I have a recollection that HP have done the same with the mini PCI slot in their laptops to exclude 3rd party wireless adapters.
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