GIGABYTE SKT AM2 AMD790FX DQ6 does not support thex49850out of the box

the GIGABYTE SKT AM2 AMD790FX DQ6 Does not support the new x4 9850 out of the box it must be updated and you have to do this with a cpu that is already supported in the bios.Frist board I got I had to take to thec shop because i didn't have a cpu that would boot the board. When we put the lower cpu in it did post but then it would only except certain updates .We conacted Gigabyte them selfs and they made us run some test and it turns out the board was deffective it would not except the update for the 9850 support. It appears that the bios was corrupted from factory or the retailer may have resold board. to avoid do not buy this board unless you are pepaired to take a bit time to get it up and running and be pepaired to send it back.
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  1. That all depends on when the motherboard was made as well. Newer stock will have the latest BIOS file already installed on it.
  2. well as of yet they do not . rev 1.0 does not unless you update it your self
    I just don't want someone going through the same stuff i went thourgh if they can avoid it cost me a bit of money at the tech shop to find out is was dead to begin with and it was a new board . I will also post an update to this when I get the new board ,it will be right from factory this time, now for a waiting game for a new board that should be running as I type but it is not because 790 chipset that supports the 9850 does not out of box until they update it ,but it should of been recalled and updayed in the frist place.
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